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Content writing is virtually everywhere, with both bigger and smaller brands turning to blogs and articles to better market their products and build their following. Online content writers come from all walks of life and no two will report having the exact same career journey.

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Today you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month income from expressing your creative ideas, telling stories and sharing your expertise through the written word. Each section includes:. Rates also vary widely depending on your niche, location and time of year. Now you can write from anywhere and get paid for your hard work.

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Need help with the money side of your creative business? With a subject line that bold and accurateI wasted no time in opening the. Even when I was working a staff writing gig, I had never so much as drafted a pitch to an outside publication. I only got brave enough to start submitting ideas after lots of encouragement from my good friend and fellow TWL writer! Susan Shain.

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Thanks again, Susan. The actual mechanics of how to get started freelance writing are pretty simple, though not easy: Have good ideas, be good at explicating them clearly, and spend lots of time and energy on the Sisyphean footwork of finding publications that will pay you to publish them. And convincing them to do so. We also offer an ebook dedicated to freelance writing jobs for beginners.

But if you have your heart set on making it as a freelance writer, there are some actionable steps you can take to make it happen. Contrary to popular opinion, English major jobs can be profitable, and the same is true of other writing-intensive majors like creative writing, communications and journalism. Studying humanities flexes your rhetorical muscles, which will make you a much better writer and pitcher.

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If college is already in the rear view, you might also consider grad school, or more specifically, an MFA. But be careful. Many MA, MFA and PhD programs come with tuition waivers, provided you teach, or assist in teaching, a of undergrad classes while you study. I know for a fact I owe my success to my tenure at The Penny Hoarder, whose managing editor — Alexis Grant, who also started this website — essentially handed me a writing career whole cloth in hiring me.

The complete guide on how to start freelance writing

Maybe even a particularly well-wrought essay from college? I applied for The Penny Hoarder with a short memoir I wrote in grad school and — I kid you not — wine-tasting notes. Not sure where to start when it comes to finding paid writing gigs? Check out these online gold mines for finding freelance writing jobs.

Your pitches will be far more effective if you link to an online writing portfolio where editors can check out your work. A static website will do, even one created with a template. As far as a portfolio is concerned, I recommend Contently. Not only is it a clean, easy-to-use digital showcase, but it can also land you valuable work: the platform matches editors with writers and other content creators based on specific beats and skill sets. If you want to take this a step further, consider starting a blog. Writing regularly is a great way to practice your craft, and you might even grow a following for your work.

A blog also gives editors more samples to review when they click over to your site from your pitch; every blog post is an example of the kind of work you do. Finally, having a website will make you feel way more legitimate. Impostor Syndrome is totally a thing in this business, so get ready!

Any good editor will explore those to learn more about you. In fact, I was drawn to freelancing in large part because it got me away from the noisy, crowded office environment. Nevertheless, my first major client — the one that made quitting my day job possible, and whose work still makes up a sizable percentage of my income — was an opportunity I landed in part because of a shared connection. From sorority sisters to Twitter friends to existing professional connections, nearly every single story involves networking. Everyone needs the written word sometimes!

Many freelancers have given up on paper checks and rely primarily on online payments. Not sure what to include in your first invoice?

How to become a freelance writer: a step-by-step guide to getting started

The bulk of my paying work is far less illustrious, but critical for rounding out my bank. Many businesses can provide a steady stream of this kind of work, becoming the anchor clients by which you build a semi-reliable paycheck. It can be a hard balance to strike, but even un-fun writing counts as valuable practice. Then, you can slowly scale up to working exclusively on better-paid, more interesting content.

Fickle income, weird hours, totally unmitigated refrigerator access — working for yourself is a strange and sometimes dangerous world.

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And for even the best writers, clients come and go, so be sure to build up a ificant cushion for those inevitable dry periods. Or maybe not. This is an updated version of a story that was ly published. Website jamiecattanach. This helpful guide for new writers walks you through 71 different options for earning income as a freelance writer.

Get It Now. Awesome piece. Lets work to understand and overlook each others imperfections! Are you perfect? Clearly not, so work on yourself before pointing fingers. Looking for negative or a reason to bitch is a sad existence. I hope with any published work that is not the case!

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Lets encourage one another and find the good because we always find what we are looking for! Thank you!

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I agreed wholeheartedly. I self-published my first novel. I did not earn any income with it. This taught me a bitter lesson. Do your homework.

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Research and gather as much information as you can before you dive into this venture. No one can become a success instantly. This is the myth Hollywood had sold us for decades. The wise saying goes something like this. Before it become a tree you must learn to look after it. Given time it will bare fruits of your labour. I have learnt value ideas from your post and will not tired following you. Every one of these sentences is redundant, nothing about how to become a writer.

Thank you so much Jamie. That was so helpful. You did a great job with this well written post. I really enjoyed that article! It was fun yet realistic.

Freelance writing at topcontent: become a writer

Thanks for your input and for sharing your knowledge. Thanks for this well written post. I will definitely start as an online wirter. Thanks Jamie, this is a very helpful article. But I think that Contently may have changed. I was also unfamiliar with the SEO acronym. And thus, I learned what Search Engine Optimization is. With less effort than it took you to create this negative post.

My unsolicited advice, Raymond: take your fate in your own hands. Thank you for the great insights!