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Christian dating first date questions woman search friend to bites

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The time is finally here — time for your first date! But what do you talk about on your first date? What topics should you avoid? What do you wear?

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There are few things more awkward on a first date than an uncomfortable silence when conversation lags. Unlike asking about movies or TV shows, books tend to bring out a deeper look at a person. A recent movie someone has watched is probably just one of the newer big releases.

Has your date been reading a nonfiction book? On what? Have they been reading fiction? What kind? Do they like it? Why or why not? This gives insight into so many things—what inspires them, what values they hold, what sort of content they consume. Asking point-blank questions about faith and theology can be a little overwhelming for a first date, so a simple question like this can help set the tone for a God-centered potential relationship. As a bonus, you get to learn about the things your date is excited about. What is your date passionate about? Pay close attention on this one.

Questions to ask your date

This question gives you an insight into what your date is like on a day-to-day basis. Do they really appreciate nature, or a beautiful sunrise? Can their day be made by a well-brewed cup of tea? Or does going for a quick run relieve stress? Maybe they really love when something gets done. Any of these answers will be great insight into how God has wired the person in front of you, and how you can best encourage them! Jobs often come from necessity, not passion. Are they crafty? Into sports? This is also a great question for when conversation may be lagging.

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People love to talk about their interests, and if you find that you have some in common, all the better. Do they like peppy pop? Are they more interested in instrumental?

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Do they love the drama of musicals? People usually have amazing memories associated with their favorite music, and will light up when you ask them about it. It could also be an insight into their upbringing! Asking about a favorite book or verse may be a common question, but it puts the respondent in a tough spot. Out of the entire Bible, how is a person supposed to pick? This brings up other questions. What are your thoughts on it? This is also an easy way to naturally have conversations about aspects of theology.

37 questions to ask on a date if you're a christian in search of the love you've always prayed for

However, there are aspects to any job to like or dislike. Perhaps your date is a waitress who really enjoys getting to know the regulars who come in. Perhaps he or she is a landscaper, who enjoys working in the sunshine rather than in an office. Perhaps a teacher loves the moment when their students grasp a new concept. Asking this question sheds light on what your date values—and offers an opportunity to tell some interesting stories from on the job. Okay, maybe not this question specifically. However, some lighthearted questions can rouse interesting dialogue and encourage laughter and camaraderie.

Other fun questions include: What mythical creature would you want to ride into battle? If you could bring one kind of dinosaur back from extinction, which one would you pick? If you had to have one movie villain come over for lunch, who would you choose? Talking about family can be a sore subject for some. However, by asking for one good memory from childhood, this allows your date to be as forthcoming or reserved as they would like to be. It also opens the door for other questions.

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If they mention siblings, you can ask about those. If they had a hobby they loved, you can ask if they still enjoy it.

Questions to ask yourself

They may mention a pastime with parents or other family members. Or, they may answer the question simply and move on—allowing you to pick up that family or the past may be sore subjects you should avoid for now, without embarrassing either of you by asking uncomfortable questions.

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It can be a lot of fun to discuss the merits of witnessing various events—and depending on how in-depth you want to go, might lead to a debate about who, exactly, you would want to be at the scene. Some people may be actively striving for that dream job.

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Either way, this question not only helps you get to know what your date is passionate about, but also where they would like their life to be headed. Some might hope to someday be a stay-at-home parent. Others may want to go into foreign missions, become artists, or be college professors.

Christian dating questions

Whether this is knitting a scarf, writing a novel, or running a program for underprivileged children in your neighborhood, sometimes passion projects have little to do with hobbies or jobs. However, especially if the date is going well, at some point this is a question that should be asked before things progress very far.

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Are they looking at this date as something fun and casual? Are they looking more for an activity buddy than a life partner? Are they dating in order to pursue a serious relationship? Are they looking to date in order to find a spouse, or is marriage the furthest thing from their mind? Even among Christians, there can be a variety of views on dating. In the end, a date is an interaction between two people, just like any other interaction you might have. You are trying to get to know the other person—not impress them, not evaluate them, not interrogate them. If the reason for dating is to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, there should be no pretenses.

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The person sitting across from you is just that—a person, a fellow human being created in the image of God and loved by Him. Alyssa Roat studied writing, theology, and the Bible at Taylor University. She is a literary agent at C. Find out more about her here and on social media alyssawrote. Sure, they seem nice, but are you at all compatible?

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. Have you read any good books lately? Slide 1 of 5. What are small things that instantly make your day better? Slide 2 of 5. What have you been reading in Scripture lately? Slide 3 of 5.

1. have you read any good books lately?

What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? Slide 4 of 5. Are you a cat or a dog person? Slide 5 of 5.