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I Firefighter cop jokes pick male that wants humiliation

With a popular public image that positions them as everyday heroes, it's perhaps unsurprising that most firefighters seem unperturbed by the news they are the butt of jokes from their colleagues in the emergency services. New research from Portsmouth University revealed that police and ambulance crews make jokes about firefighterscall them "water fairies", complain they sleep while on call, and resent the amount of attention they get from female members of the public. Yet fire crews — who say they often get applauded by the public, even when they are called out on false alarms — say they see the funny side.

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Written By. Published on Sep 14, Many firefighters spend their entire adult lives serving the community and saving people. So, it is only fitting that we can bring a smile to their faces with these funny fireman jokes.

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The Little Firefighter A firefighter was working on the engine outside the Station, when he noticed a little girl nearby in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the sides and a garden hose tightly coiled in the middle. The girl was wearing a firefighter's helmet. The wagon was being pulled by her What do you call 2 Mexican firefighters?

Jose and Hose-B. What award do you give a firefighter? Most extinguished. An innocent joke I remember from a radio show or CD from about 20 years ago. A little boy answered the phone one day.

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The caller, surprised to hear the young voice says, "Hi, is your mommy or daddy home? What do you call a firefighter not on the first floor of the fire station during an emergency? A part time stripper. No one understands the importance of milliseconds, more than a volunteer firefighter. It's the amount of time they have between meeting you, and telling you they are a volunteer firefighter. As a firefighter, I know there is one thing that we always save no matter how bad the fire. The foundation. A priest, a doctor, and an engineer play golf.

A priest, a doctor, and an engineer are out playing a round of golf. Partway through their game, they realize that the group in front is taking forever to move through the course. Frustrated, they ask the groundskeeper what's going on.

The groundskeeper, visibly emotional, says: "Well, I'm af If a firefighter's business can go up in smoke, and a plumber's business can go down the drain The pastor and the the quicksand A pastor falls into quicksand, after 10 minutes the firefighters arrive. God will save me. Guys, I'm dating a lady firefighter tonight! You think she might put out? What did the Mexican firefighter call his twin sons?

Hose A and Hose B. Two Firefighters are butt fucking in a smoke-filled room.

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What did the hispanic firefighter name his two son's? Jose and hose b. What is a firefighter with no testicles? A cop.

Firefighter jokes

What did the pyromaniacs say when their kid told them he wanted to be a firefighter? What holiday do firefighters refuse to celebrate? May Day. Saw some videos about the fires burning near Athens. Apparently nobody told the firefighters that you can't use water to put out a Greece fire. Firefighters go to rescue a woman from an upper floor of a burning apartment building. The firefighters say look, we have two ways to get you out. We have this new technology that allows us to form a fireproof slide that can take you down the stairs. Or, you can just come out the window with us and go down the way we've always done it.

The lady says, "The former seems interesti A teacher asks her students what they want to be when they grow up.

Sioux falls cop vs. firefighter joke video. how’d i miss this?

Richard: I want to be a doctor! Tommy: I want to be a firefighter! Elizabeth: I want to be a mother! The teacher then asks Jamal what he wants to do later. Jamal: Help people.

Garcie inspires corny police, firefighter jokes

Teacher: What kind of help? Jamal: I want to help Elizabeth become a mother. There was a firefighter who always recited a poetry verse before extinguishing a blaze. He was a real prose before hose kinda guy.

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A cop was walking around ren playground He sees a kid playing in the sand, so he goes to him and asks: -Hi there champ, what are you building? It's Career Week in the parochial school One day, when all the parents who've come to explain their jobs have done their presentations and gone, Sister Mary Domino has some time to kill, so she has the children stand up, one at a time, and say what THEY want to be wh The boat and the firefighter have hard outer coverings cascos.

A teacher asks her primary school students what their father do for a living "So, Timothy, what does your father do? And you Samantha, what does your father do? And yours, Jimmy? John, Paddy and Scott are on a trip in Saudi Arabia.

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Paddy is driving his little red car, which has seen better days. John and Scott are drunk in the back. Suddenly, ahead of them, they see an oil well on fire.

Do you know what is inside the giant 60 foot tall bull head off i?

The firefighters are unsuccessfully trying to extinguish the flames. Paddy drives straight over the well, blocking the oxygen PP JOKE three men enter hell the devil asks the men what did you use to work as the first man said a lumberjack so the devil said that they will chop his pp off the second man said a firefighter so the devil said we will burn his pp off the third thought about it and said lolipop sales men edit : for Once, me and my family wanted to bake some marshmallows in the campfire.

We had the poles with marshmallows sticked to them prepared when we heard sirens.

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We all ran out to see what happened. The neighbours' house was on fire and I saw a lot of firefighters trying to get the fire under control. The neighbours looked at us with pure disgust. That was the moment I realized I am like a firefighter I find them hot and leave them wet. A cop, a firefighter, and a bureaucrat are at a elementary school career day A lot of people think that firefighters are overpaid, but recently a pole was taken A firefighter, a Native American, and a soldier are in a plane They aren't up very high and so the windows are open ignore the unscientific logic of this, it's a joke.

They've been in there quite some time, and the firefighter starts getting bored. He pulls out his extra hat and drops it out the window just to see what will happen. The people you meet as a firefighter are really weird sometimes.

I met this woman today who kept demanding I shave her baby. He was on the hot seat.

85 best firefighter jokes and puns that are lit

Then he got fired. Why kind of women do Australian Firefighters get? Three guys were on a trip to Arabia. One day, they stumbled into a Harem Tent with 10 beautiful women.

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The men got really friendly with the women, when suddenly a sheikh entered. No one shall touch them except me! You will be punished corresponding to your profession! I hate those people who come and knock on my door, telling me how I have to be "saved" or else I'll "burn" Stupid firefighters.

Two firefighters are fucking The chief walks in on two of his firefighters having vigorous sex. He shouts: Hey what the hell are you two doing? One of the firefighters: Chief, you don't understand, he suffered some serious smoke inhalation.