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Today, a local Atlanta blogger not only outed herself for running the Georgia Half Marathon as a bandit, she blogged about it and posted the numerous selfies she took along the route. A registered runner of the NYC Half posted selfie pics of hot guys to her Instagram during the race to take her mind off the distance. It was funny and clever. Did I mention she was actually registered for the race? Fast forward to our Frito Bandito. She ran the Georgia Half Marathon with no bib.

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Participants must follow the directions of course monitors and on-course age and stay within the course boundaries at all times as deated by fence, traffic cones or other marking. Net time is used to determine finish order for age-group award winners. Overall finishers times are based on gun time. Official finisher times are the net times recorded by the electronic timing system and corresponding with the B-Tag attached to a bib when the runner crosses the starting line and the finish line. are unofficial until 14 days following the event. Participants will be directed to fill out a form for and corrections after the completion of the event.

Race bibs must be worn on the outermost layer of clothing at all times on the race course. Removing or damaging a bib may result in the B-Tag becoming in operable and the participant may not appear in the. Several Atlanta Track Club events as participants into start waves based on estimated finish time during registration. The letter at the beginning of the race will correspond with the participant's start wave. Participants must line up in their ased start wave on race day, and volunteers will enforce start wave placement.

If participants would like to run with someone ased to a different start wave, they may do so by starting in the wave that is farthest back.

Running a race bandit style: race fees are for suckas

For example, if your is in start wave A and your friend's is in start wave C, you may both run in C. Your friend may not move from wave C to wave A. Many of Atlanta Track Club's events offer self-seeding into waves. For the safety and enjoyment of participants, at these events we ask that participants themselves based on estimated pace per mile:. Atlanta Track Club posts the closing time for the starting line on the website for each event. Participants crossing the starting line after it has officially closed may not receive official.

Course limits are set based on permits obtained by Atlanta Track Club from the jurisdictions in which its events are held. The course time limit clock begins once the last runner crosses the starting line. Once the course limit expires, the ro are no longer closed to traffic and race services cannot be guaranteed. Course Time Limit. Pace Per Mile. Half Marathon. Wheeled conveyances of any kind including but not limited to strollers, bicycles and roller skates are prohibited from all events in order to ensure the safety of all participants unless otherwise noted.

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Exceptions to this policy are the following events where opportunities for participants pushing strollers are available:. Participants pushing strollers must start in the deated stroller wave and follow all course instructions. For the safety of all participants and childeren in strollers, these events ARE NOT competitive and participants are asked to participate at a safe, controllable pace. Atlanta Track Club officials will provide reasonable accommodation to Athletes With Disabilities on an individualized and event by event basis.

For the safety of our participants, pets are not permitted at Atlanta Track Club events. Water and Powerade are available to participants before, during and after each Atlanta Track Club event with the of fluid stations determined by the length of the race.

Personal hydration systems Camelbak, Thor, etc. Liquid must be stored in visible non-glass containers smaller than one liter. See below for some examples:. Not Permitted:. Offensive, violent or otherwise unsportsmanlike conduct toward race officials, volunteers and fellow participants may result in disqualification and removal from the event venue.

It may also impact a participant's eligibility to participate in future Atlanta Track Club events and programs. They are as follows:. Race Distance.

Event & program policies

Age Range. One Mile. Atlanta Track Club events are held rain or shine. However, the occurrence of lightning or other severe weather in the vicinity of the event may result in a delay or cancellation. Atlanta Track Club closely follows weather forecast and other outside factors that may result in a cancellation or delay. Participants and volunteers will be alerted viasocial media and Atlanta Track Club's website at the first an event may be canceled or delayed.

When possible, Atlanta Track Club will make decisions concerning the cancellation or delay of an event no later than two hours before the scheduled start. This will immediately be ed to all registered participants and volunteers, posted on Atlanta Track Club's social media s and on Atlanta Track Club's website. In the event of lightning within eight miles of the event location, it is mandated the event be delayed for 30 minutes following the lightning strike.

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Participants, volunteers and spectators will be asked to take cover at a deated shelter or in their vehicles. Please understand some outside factors that cause a delay or cancellation are unpredictable and may not allow for advanced warning. Atlanta Track Club will always ensure and even err on the safety of its participants and volunteers as a matter of policy.

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Atlanta Track Club does not offer refunds for its membership, events and programs for any reason, which is stated during the event registration process. The policy is in place to cover operational costs incurred well before the event takes place. An exception to its no refund policy exists for In-Training program participants if they become sick or injured before the training program begins. Participants must provide a note from a doctor and request the refund before online registration closes for that particular training program. Atlanta Track Club's Event Alert System EAS will be used to communicate the condition of the race course and other event related locations to participants, volunteers, and staff.

Colored age will be located at the start line, along the course, and in the finish area indicating the levels which range from Low Green to Moderate Yellow to High Red to Event Cancelled Black. The colored s will also include short messages. Pre-race, all event staff, volunteers, and participants should familiarize themselves with the anticipated event conditions, safety procedures, and the Event Alert System. Alert updates will be communicated via and social media.

On race day, everyone should stay tuned to PA announcements and the warning system at the start, finish, and water stations along the course for the most accurate, up-to-date event conditions. Information about race pick-up times and locations can be found on individual event s at atlantatrackclub. Participants who are unable to pick up their race s may send a third party to pick it up for them. They will need to provide the third party with their bib. Participants must register for will call and pay a fee prior to the event to be able to pick up their race on race day.

Only will call race s will be available on the morning of the event. Bib s may not be transferred for any other Atlanta Track Club event. Participants who use another person's bib are subject to disqualification. Atlanta Track Club promises its 28, members the lowest discount on all events and programs. As a mission-focused not-for-profit, we believe in offering registration fees that make over events and programs accessible to as many runners and walkers as possible.

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Due to the low pricing, discounts are not frequently offered. However, discounts are available to a company, club or group who purchases 25 or more entries all at once prior to select Atlanta Track Club events. For more information on such discounts, please reference our Group Registrations .

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Atlanta Track Club requires participants to provide emergency contact information both during registration and on the back of race s. Please be sure to fill out the requested information on the back of your race so we can quickly identify you and contact family members in the unlikely event of an emergency. You may switch race distances at our events provided the distance has not reached capacity. Failure to notify the Club will result in disqualification and the participant will be removed from the. There will be no refunds if you are switching from the longer distance to the shorter distance, and additional fees will apply for those switching from the shorter distance to the longer distance.

Participant shirts will be provided based on availability to those switching races. Atlanta Track Club reserves the right to disqualify participants and remove them from the for failure to follow any of the ly listed policies as well as for the following reasons:. Using someone else's race .

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Atlanta Track Club reserves the right to disqualify this person and remove them from the. Missed checkpoints. Depending on the distance, there are various checkpoints on the course where a participant's timing chip is recorded. If a participant's chip misses checkpoints, they will be disqualified and removed from the.

Switching race distances on race day. Participants who would like to switch race distances must do so prior to race day. Bandits are strictly prohibited at Atlanta Track Club events. A bandit is anyone who participates in an event without registering and without a race .

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This is not only a safety issue as race officials are unable to identify bandits in the case of an emergency, but also a drain on course resources for paying participants. If caught, bandits will be asked to leave the race course immediately. Atlanta Track Club reserves the right to conduct drug tests at any event where prize money is awarded. Drug testing is conducted by or under the authority of the U. Anti-Doping Agency. At events where drug testing is conducted, no prize money will be awarded until of drug testing are received from the U.

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