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But experts agree that normal, healthy young boys and girls will masturbatemuch like adults. They just know that it feels good. The resulting release of hormones and neurotransmitters can reduce stress, increase relaxation, encourage restful sleep, improve mood, and reduce sexual tension. In other words, masturbation at a certain age is essentially children discovering how their bodies work. But what is the normal age to start masturbating? In order for moms and d to know when they should be concerned, Pierre-Louis and other experts have weeded out what parents should not worry about.

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While catching up over coffee in her kitchen recently, my friend and I were interrupted by a peculiar noise neither of us initially recognized. Our eyes eventually locked onto her 4-year-old son, who was rubbing himself and moaning with pleasure.

My friend's face turned bright red.

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She was both embarrassed and caught off guard. Masturbation is a very natural and healthy part of childhood. Young kids touch themselves primarily for two reasons.

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The first is for pleasure. They learn what feels good, and they'll continue to touch themselves," Swanson explains. The second reason is for stress reduction and relaxation. Masturbation becomes goal-driven around age Boys in particular are trying to get to the point of orgasm, and at around 11 or 12, they may start seeking pornographic material.

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What should you do if you find your child touching themselves? Keep in mind that reactions matter. When adults become angry or tell their children that masturbating is wrong, it creates a lot of tension for them, Swanson says.

Eventually, my friend taught her son to masturbate alone in his room, which allowed him the privacy he needed away from us.

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When faced with your child's sexual exploration, Swanson has these tips for approaching the conversation. Cool down. Charged parental reactions to masturbation often create shame.

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Leave the room if you're upset, then come back to address the behavior calmly. Private business.

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Young kids need to learn when and where it's acceptable to masturbate. Tell them, "You're learning about your body right now.

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It's nothing to be ashamed of; it's natural. But I insist you do it in private. Picture perfect.

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Redirect your preteen away from adult sexual images, which can negatively affect how they view the opposite sex. Say, "I understand you are curious and want to learn, so we can buy a book that talks about sex. Parenting Feature Stories.

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Why Children Masturbate Young kids touch themselves primarily for two reasons. Talking About Masturbation When faced with your child's sexual exploration, Swanson has these tips for approaching the conversation.

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