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Written by Attorney Karra Kingston. Updated August 17, Have you ever wondered if bankruptcy is the right option for you so that you can be financially independent?

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Are you scared about what to expect when going to court? This Idaho Information guide will ease your concerns and give you the tools you need to file for bankruptcy on your own. Bankruptcy can seem complicated and scary. But filing for bankruptcy can be a way to legally relieve you from your debts. An Idaho bankruptcy can help to get rid of your debts so that you can start saving money and get financial independence. The top reasons why people file for bankruptcy are job loss, medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one, or serious accident. In order to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Idaho you will need to determine if you qualify.

If you do plan to move forward, you will need to look at all of your creditors, assetsincome, and expenses.

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In a Chapter 7 Idaho bankruptcy you can get rid of your debt. This means that you will no longer have to pay any of your creditors back. In a Chapter 13, you pay your debts over a three- to five-year plan.

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Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 help you to get back on track and manage your finances without having to worry about overwhelming debt. Below, are steps you must take to help you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Lawyers tend to charge less if you have less debt, fewer creditors and limited assets. If the cost of a bankruptcy lawyer seems too pricey, remember that you can file for bankruptcy on your own. However, taking advantage of a free consultation could be in your best interests.

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If you decide to go to a free consultation, a lawyer might be able to provide you with some guidance on what chapter of bankruptcy is right for you. You can schedule a free consultation with a lawyer to help you better understand the process and what steps you will have to take to file for bankruptcy. Before seeing a bankruptcy lawyer, it is best to have an idea of your financial situation.

Make sure to know how much you make, the value of your assets, and how much you owe on any outstanding debt. If hiring a lawyer to help with filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nampa is out of the question, this guide can help you with the process. The first step to filing bankruptcy in Nampa is gathering all of your financial paperwork to help you fill out the bankruptcy forms. You will need to gather documents relating to your assets, debts, income, and expenses. Although, it is a lot of paperwork it is important not to get overwhelmed!

Gather this paperwork first before you move on to the next step. Remember to take a deep breath because you will soon be debt free! To complete a Nampa bankruptcy, you will have to take a course called a credit counseling course. The credit counseling course gives you ways to manage your debt and information to see if filing bankruptcy is the best decision for you.

Before you take the course, you should make a list of all of your monthly obligations and how much monthly income you receive.

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The counseling course can be taken in your pajamas, at home either on a computer online or on the phone. The course that you choose will need to be approved by the Department of Justice. Filing bankruptcy in Nampa requires a lot of paperwork. You must complete all the bankruptcy forms before you head to court to file it. Failing to complete all required forms will cause your Idaho bankruptcy case to be dismissed.

Filing bankruptcy in nampa, idaho

Make sure not to forget to all of the required s before you submit everything to the court. You should have all of your financial documents with you while filling out the forms. When you go to your hearing you will be questioned as to such so accuracy is a must! However, if you need to change something in the forms because you left something out the most trustees will allow you to amend your forms. If you are struggling to pay the fee because you have no money, you may request a fee waiver.

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You will have to show the court that there is no way you can come up with the fee. If you fail to pay the filing fee, the court will refuse to hear your case. This fee is used to process your documents and pay the trustee that will be ased to your case. There will be a lot of forms you will have to print. We recommend that you print 2 copies of your Nampa bankruptcy forms. These copies will be for you and the court.

You will need to pay to print these documents so you may want to call ahead to see how much each place charges.

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Make sure that your forms are all printed and that they are in order to make things easier for you everyone. Once you have completed and printed all of your forms, you can go to court to file your Nampa bankruptcy forms.

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Make sure to bring a photo ID and some spare change to pay for parking. When you get to the courthouse you will have to go through security. Most likely, your phone will be taken away, so if possible, leave it at home or in the car. Make sure you bring everything you need to file your paperwork.

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However, having someone review them in-person is always recommended just in case something is missing. Once your documents are filed you will wait to get a notice in the mail telling you the date and time you will have to appear in court.

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Now you will have to make copies of your Idaho bankruptcy financial documents you used to fill out your forms. You will be required to send your trustee a copy of some of your Nampa bankruptcy documents, like tax returns and pay stubs. Most trustees will request these documents be sent electronically by PDF or mail.

Filing bankruptcy in nampa, idaho

If you are unsure how the trustee wants the documents, you can contact their office directly. Make sure to send the paperwork by the deadline, so the trustee has time to review everything before your hearing. At the meeting, the trustee will ask you about the documents you have provided. While you are being questioned you will be sworn under oath and a tape recorder will be there to record everything you say.

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For the Idaho Bankruptcy Court to grant your discharge, you will need to take another counseling course after you file. The Idaho bankruptcy course provider will again need to be approved by the Department of Justice. You can conveniently take the course online or over the phone. Make sure to have your case with you when you take the course. After completing the course, you will need to file your certificate with the rest of your forms. Many course providers will even the certificate at the end of your course saving you an extra step.

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This course will explain different ways to help you after filing for bankruptcy. Some of you may be nervous about going to court. There is no judge, it is casual and everyone there is filing for bankruptcy so there is no need to feel insecure or embarrassed.

The hearing you will attend is called the meeting.

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This will most likely be the only court hearing you will have to attend when filing your Nampa Bankruptcy. At the hearing the trustee will call you up and ask you to provide identification and your social security card. They will then swear you in and ask you questions regarding the paperwork you submitted. You should get to the hearing early so that you can hear some of the questions the trustee is asking other filers.

An Idaho bankruptcy discharge is not an automatic right. If you lie you can face big consequences and your discharge may be denied. Are you asking yourself will my car be taken away if I file for bankruptcy? Are you worried because you need your vehicle to get to work? Many people filing bankruptcy in Nampa have the same worries as you.