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Small plumbing issues can lead to big problems down the line. For any plumbing needs, call Plumbers first for a referral to a highly trained plumbing expert, who can fix your problem. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or are planning a major project involving your water, gas or sewer systems, trust our affiliated plumbers to perform high quality work to resolve your issue.

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Plumbing is one of the more difficult as well one of the most dangerous trades to pursue. There is a lot of demanding, physical work involved, especially at the beginning of your career. Plumbers are continuously exposed to various hazards like injuries from using pipe cutters and saws, but they are also susceptible to many uncommon injuries and illnesses from exposure to chemicals and raw sewage. The first step to becoming a plumber in Houston is to secure an apprenticeship with a d plumbing company. After registering as a plumbing apprentice with the state of Texas, your employer will be able to document and report your hours of experience.

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Or perhaps the s are more obvious — like water leaks or water spots on your ceilings and walls. Your home may need a repipe from our team of Houston plumbing professionals. Our master plumbers in Houston will assess the age and integrity of your pipes and determine the best course of action. Whether your home plumbing requires a pipe replacementa horizontal pipe replacement for the pipes in your attic, or a whole-home repipe with highly durable and flexible PEX piping, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in the experienced hands of the d and highly-qualified John Moore Houston plumbing team.

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Make a quick call to the John Moore Drain Clog Plumbers in Houston and your home will be running smoothly again in no time. Local residents have been counting on the John Moore Drain Clog specialists and Houston plumbers for over 50 years.

Each of our Drain Clog Plumbers is a d and insured Houston plumber with extensive expertise and training to quickly determine the cause and location of a clog or stop. We have the equipment and technology to conquer any clog — including a state of the art drain clog jetting package that offers a camera inspection of the drain line. From kitchen and bath drain clogs to a main line blockage - stopped drains and tough clogs have met their match! Call a plumber in Houston for drain service today!

The high-pressure hydro-jetting service from the Houston plumbers here at John Moore offers homeowners a safe and highly effective way to clear their drain lines. John Moore uses state of the art hydro-jetting to scour and clear debris such as tree roots, soil, grease, and hardened scale for blocking your drain and sewer lines. Drain jetting using highly pressurized water streams safely cleans in the inside of your plumbing pipes and without risking damage from a standard cable or blade.

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Leaky, dripping, rusting faucets can drive you crazy. Is it time to repair, replace or upgrade your faucets? John Moore, the area's trusted master Houston plumbing team sincecan examine your fixtures and help you determine whether it can be repaired or if a new faucet is needed.

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We have a wide variety of replacement parts on hand to resolve most common faucet repairs quickly. Are you interested in adding a sprayer to make doing dishes a little quicker and easier? Whatever your vision or needs may be, purchasing your faucet and installation from John Moore means that you will receive expert installation of a quality fixture that will last for years to come. When the concrete slab under your home shifts, the pipes in or underneath the foundation can be damaged, disconnected, or break completely. Fortunately, John Moore plumbers have been working with Houston homeowners since and have the experience, training and tools to effectively detect and repair slab leaks.

Trust houston’s plumbing experts!

Our experienced plumbing team will perform a careful inspection, pinpoint the location, and then provide you with a detailed diagnosis and repair plan to address the leak quickly. For a serious plumbing issues, such as a slab leaks and re-pipes, you can count on our Houston plumbing companyJohn Moore Services, to treat you and your home with respect and provide you with quality workmanship — guaranteed. If your home has a main sewer line backup, call the family-owned Houston plumbers with over 50 years of experience — John Moore Services.

No cookie-cutter fixes here. Each situation is unique, and the visual inspection of your line allows the John Moore team to determine the best possible fix for your specific issue. And with our upfront pricing, there will be no surprises.

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For sewer backups and main line clean outs, replacements and repair, you can count on our plumbing company in Houston. Lots of great ideas come to you in the shower.

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Plus, when you call John, you get Moore than just a plumber — you also get our expert remodeling services. Our team will coordinate your project and work together to ensure your project is safe, functional, and captures your personal sense of style.

From clawfoot tubs to sleek waterfall-style shower he, our Houston plumbing company will help guide you through all of the available styles and options to find quality products that match your needs, vision and budget. Thinking about swapping out your tub for a large, walk-in shower? Need to add some safety features and make your bathroom more accessible?

The experienced John Moore Plumbing and Renovations teams are here to help. Being without hot water is no fun.

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SinceHoustonians have counted on John Moore to have their water heaters replaced quickly and correctly. John Moore installs both Traditional and Tankless Water Heaters, so feel free to ask our d plumbers any questions you may have if you are interested in making a switch to tankless.

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Only select water heaters and water heater parts and connections pass our strict quality standards, so you can rest assured that your new water heater will be an efficient, cost-effective solution that will continue to meet your needs safely for many years to come.

We are here to help with yearly maintenance, water heater flushes, and pan replacement. For those suffering from a leaky water heater, John Moore can even repair your water damaged walls and floors without the headache of dealing with multiple contractors. Houston homeowners have counted on John Moore for decades. Each Houston plumber we employ is at your service. Houston water has been treated and deemed safe to drink.

But do you know what is really in your tap water?

Becoming a plumber in houston

Our Houston plumbers will help you find out and take action to protect your family. We will test your water do determine the hardness of the water and discover which contaminants are present. Then, we will develop a water treatment solution to address the issues with your water and transform your tap water into a healthier, fresh-tasting, and odor-free drinking water.

No bottles required!

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Serving Houston sinceJohn Moore knows plumbing — which means that your water filtration and softener system will be properly installed and tied in to your water supply line without any threat of contamination. We also offer de-scaling solutions and water softener systems to help you reduce the toll that hard water can on your fixtures and appliances.

Talk to the John Moore water quality specialists about your concerns. Some water leaks are visible and their source is obvious. Others are not, and the water travels through walls, ceilings and floors with resulting the visible damage occurring far away from the source.

Our experienced plumbing team can interpret the s and reveal the cause of the water leak quickly before more damage can be done to your home. A custom diagnosis and repair plan will be developed to fix the leak properly.

In addition to our plumbing and repipe services, our Houston plumbers also offer water damage repair services for walls and floors so you can get your home back to normal faster. If you are hearing water trickling in your walls when the taps are off, seeing water spots on your walls, ceilings, or floors, or noticing buckling tiles or flooring, contact John Moore today for our leak detection service. Your home will thank you. Some restrictions may apply. Cannot combine offers. Call Today Book Now. For a serious plumbing issues, such as a slab leaks and re-pipes, you can count on our Houston plumbing companyJohn Moore Services, to treat you and your home with respect and provide you with quality workmanship — guaranteed Water Leak Detection Water Leak Repair Slab Foundation Leak Detection Water Damage Services for Walls and Floors.

Water Heater Issues?

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