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Lonely women want friendship.

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Can a fairy tale come true? I have been searching a lot, I have been thinking a lot, and spending a lot of time talking to smart people.

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From what I've been thinking of and wanting to speak about; I have conjured up the following Every male, boy, man, has some basic needs he seeks to fill in whatever ways may make sense to him, or, sometimes, totally subconsciously he undertakes the urge to fight some battle, take on some adventure and rescue a beauty.

Females, girls, women may have a similar longing for a fight, but this fight is "to be fought for" to be so much more than noticed, to be truly "wanted" "pursued" to be a priority to someone.

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The need for adventure is there too, but the female seeks to share the adventure with the male, to be fought for within the context of his need for adventure; and cherished as a true equal and strong partner when the adventure comes to completion- inevitably bringing on the next one This is where I believe it gets tricky.

The male's need, to "rescue the beauty"?

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If the adventure is the woman, once "conquered" sorry for the lack of tact in using that word the male will simply seek the next one The man needs to find his soul, his adventure, and then he rescues the beauty by achieving the adventure, and being victorious in the fight, and having her with him all along the way. Successful men in successful life relationships realize they'd've never completed the adventure without the female. Women are smart and lively enough to know they want something greater than themselves to be a part of. This can't be it for her, though; she additionally has an inner beauty, a beauty to unveil.

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Not fake, conjured, purchased or plastic, but virtually unearthed from within her, and shown to the male and to the world as what she really is, a beautiful woman! When that type of beauty is shown, she then IS the beauty, it's not painted on the walls, but it IS the foundation! That foundation is there to be delighted in, shared, and celebrated! A girl's heart asks the world, "Do you see me?

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A fight for her heart, a grand adventure for her to be swept up in; who is fighting for this? In her family, she was told to be obedient, a good servant, and she wonders where passion went in her relationship s or marriage? Her boyfriend, lover or husband, a distant, cold, and perhaps sometimes cruel man may be "safe" for her family, but it's been tantamount to suicide for her.

Passion never existed.

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Nothing was even known that it had to be fought for. It was handed away, given without a fight. And me? All I ever wanted was legitimacy by my hugely intelligent family and world-traveled siblings, so what do I do?

I buckle. What's so bad or wrong with your life that you need to alter your state of mind? Well, I am convinced it could only be that I married the wrong woman. Well, I should have listened to that gut, because a few years later, she had an affair, cracking my fairy tale, ending our lives as they were, and leading me here to type this. That's where I see the past, present and future. For the woman who's reading this, is her need for adventure anywhere near aligned with mine? Do we want the same things?

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We want to tame the wild. We want to experience life.

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We want to live an extraordinary existence. There are so many travels to enjoy and a world to share. No one to impress and no one to answer to, for it is our shared experiences from our families and our past failures that will set us on our course together of support, health, ultimate care for one another and certainly Love. She fills in me, what's been lacking, my soul being comfortable in who it is AND who it isn't- and I fill in her, the need to be wanted, fought for and pursued.

Perhaps we just end up ing life-wisdom back and forth and never meet With all this writing, I am going to say this, please look back up a few lines There are three s. Type those s into the subject line so I know you're real and can read and follow a simple request, and tell me things about yourself and thoughts, at least whet my appetite to know more, or, I'll simply delete as spam. There's so much crap on here. A pic would be nice too.

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You see mine below. If we never meet, well I guess I'll never know anyway, but if we are to meet, although my soul loves to soar, my eyes need to desire to focus on you. Make sense? I hope so Re: You were running at Ritter Park on m4w Sorry that's my wife bro and it's not a rose tatt so yea keep on looking that's taken swinging clubs in los angeles.

I want to be your side niggd I'm just see if I can find an new FWB the last one fell in love with me and I had to back off I'm under Can't host but I'm can come to u or go half on a room I'm not looking to be your man I'm so over relationship I'm not the house white picked fence guy Im looking to be your FWB asian milf in Billings looking for hookup women looking for a fuck Centerton AR.

Whats up, How have you been doing?

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I am back from my long vacation and little bored. Do you like shopping?

Wanna go shopping and get nails done? I am just looking for Fun New people here, just bring the happy mood, everything else is on me. Cheers, A. You're my superior You're my superior at work and we work at different locations across the country. Both of us are married but I can't help thinking what if?

I'm not the type to be impressed or smitten easily however you got under my skin and I think you feel the same way about me. Due to our circumstances, I will never be the first to cross that line. I look forward to our brief conversations whenever you remember me.

I dont want just sex or one night stand, however sex is what I am looking for. If this makes any sense, I want it to be more than that, I want to be able to talk or to lay there spooning after. I want the sex to be passionate, I want alot of kissing. What I dont want is a girl friend, I just dont want to sleep around. I just want no pressure and enjoy the moment but am not a dog and do not want musical beds. Drybranch WV boy looking for women to chill with Rainy day passion-Read on. I am looking for a real man that loves latina bbw.

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