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The red dress effect is a phenomenon in which a woman wearing red clothingsuch as a red dressis perceived to be more sexually appealing than she is when wearing other colours. In primates, a visual indicator of female fertility occurs by way of swelling during the follicular phase and is correlated with increased estrogen levels. It has been asserted that this effect acts subconsciously because participants rarely report that they used color in their attractiveness judgments.

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Posted February 14, Reviewed by Kaja Perina. Editors' Note: The effects described below failed to replicate in subsequent studies.

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Posted February 14, Reviewed by Kaja Perina. Editors' Note: The effects described below failed to replicate in subsequent studies. New psychological research suggests a ificant sex effect for the colour red. This colour might be unique in rendering young women more sexually attractive to men.

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Another study found women wearing red in a bar were more approached by men. The latest investigation has recently been published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and the authors focused on the impact of the color red, because this tint appears to have been connected to sexuality for thousands of years. Archaeological records from Africa apparently reveal that women extensively used red ochre and other red pigments for cosmetic purposes, and as a symbol of their fertility.

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Even today in parts of Africa women still display red ochre during wedding rituals. The study entitled, 'Romantic red revisited: Red enhances men's attraction to young, but not menopausal women', contends that even today, red is rated as a very positive colour, because it is associated with love, passion, and warmth. The study chose to investigate the reaction of men to younger and older women, because it was deciding between two main theories as to why men appear more attracted to women if they wear red. There is also an association with sex—in many societies, red als sexual availability in "red-light" districts.

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The second theory is that men are attracted to women wearing red because of our biology, not because of culture. Male primates appear to become sexually attracted to these outer markers that ovulation is occurring inside females, and so, should mating occur, males have a better chance of passing on their genes to future generations. As psychological research has found that when nearing the part of their monthly cycle where ovulation occurs, women wear more revealing clothing, so their slightly redder skin will also be more apparent to men.

Psychologists believe these effects are most probably going on below conscious awareness. The new study found men were more attracted to a young woman in front of a red background than to the same 'target' in front of a white background.

Latest psychological research on the colour red and its link to valentine's day.

The older looking woman was perceived to be aged years-old on average, while the younger woman was perceived to be aged years-old on average, by the men. If it was, then following this reasoning, the older woman should also be perceived as more sexually attractive against the red background. It could be that red is perceived as a clue to a woman's ovulation status, whether she has reached the fertile stage of her monthly cycle, and as the older woman was probably nearing menopause, so red was not a valid cue to fertility any more.

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The authors to the study, Sascha Schwarz and Marie Singer, did believe that the 'red effect' seems to be rather automatic and probably below awareness. In other words if a man does find himself more sexually attracted to a woman wearing red, he won't be consciously aware his desire is being stimulated because of the colour.

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Psychologists Andrew Elliot, Jessica Tracy, Adam Pazda and Alec Beall conducted a further very similar experiment, published in the same issue of the same academic journal, and concluded that the red effect appears almost universal across the globe. They came to this conclusion by repeating the same study method, but instead of studying European men and women, Elliot, Tracy, Pazda and Beall examined the impact of red on an isolated traditional small-scale society in Burkina Faso, Africa.

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They chose this remote place because the men there would be unlikely to be influenced by western cultural assumptions about the symbolic erotic power of red, as exemplified by the Valentine's Day card industry. Any impact of red on male sexual attraction might then be more likely down to biological theories. Another reason for picking this distant community was that red carries explicitly negative associations in this particular culture. In Burkino Faso, red represents bad luck, sickness and death.

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Furthermore, red carries no overt romantic connotations. The of the study, entitled, 'Red enhances women's attractiveness to men: First evidence suggesting universality', indicated that the red effect on attraction is present in Burkina.

Here's what a man perceives when a woman wears red

The authors of the study from the University of Rochester, New York and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, conclude that the red-attraction link observed in the U. No differences emerged in men's ratings of the woman's general likeability, suggesting that the red effect is precisely about sexual desire.

Just in case older women are thinking of giving up on fashion altogether following thesein fact, in the German experiment, older men average age years-old rated the older woman as more sexually attractive than the group of younger men average age Indeed the younger woman was not found more attractive by these older men, than the older woman. So everyone's got a chance, and, as in all advertisingjust know who your target audience is. Raj Persaud, M. Slightly Blighty. Latest psychological research on the colour red and its link to Valentine's Day.

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