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New song falling in love baby look up guy especially for meeting

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Remember mix tapes? If not, surely you've heard tell of the cassettes besotted sweethearts used to fill with love songs and send to their ificant others?

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If you are fortunate enough, you might have fallen in love in your life. You would have felt the exhilarating experience of disconnecting out the entire world and only tuning to the one who seems to matter. Your focus will change. Your heart will be lighter and you would feel dizzy. You would do things that might be irrational in the name of making your partner happy. One of the best ways of telling someone that you're falling in love is through music. In case you're not into writing your own tune, it would be a good idea to consider checking out these songs and sharing them with your partner to show how much you care about them.

Whether you prefer a beautiful collaboration or a romantic ballad, your love interest will certainly fall for you hard after listing to these great songs about falling in love. It is safe to say that anyone would love to be the must who gets some of these affectionate love songs played for them.

If you're falling in love, why don't you just share your feelings with your partner through romantic songs? A falling in love playlist would be the perfect way to share your love and devotion. Bruno Marks professes his unconditional love for his partner in this hitpointing out all the ways in which she is beautiful.

When talking about love, people often end up making promises that they cannot keep.

50 best songs about falling in love (that'll make you want to fall all over again)

Justin Timberlake here speaks straight from the heart as he says how he wants to be 'the one' that his girl can depend on. This silver-tongued devil certainly has the heart of a poet.

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Anything that his lover is looking for, this guy in his hit is determined to be. He has wholeheartedly fallen in love and is set to convince his partner of everything that he can provide. These young men in their pop hit make a list of heart-warming love confessions as they describe the different ways they love their girlfriends, their flaws, and everything else. This upbeat pop hit features a lonely man who declares his undying love for the woman who is dating another man. He doesn't hesitate in expressing his belief that the man she is with right now isn't right for her and how he is suffering because the two of them belong together.

Charlie Puth explained how his gospel-inspired pop smash was inspired by his friend's long-distance relationship. In this song, the narrator tries to express that all that he wants is a chance. He offers his support, emotional strength, and most importantly, his love. Perceiving his love to be a Lois Lane who needs saving, he believes that by providing her love, he will be able to save the day.

In this pop song, Ellie Goulding falls head over heels for her lover as she is bursting with the need to tell him how much she loves him.

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She sings 'How long will I love you? When you come across that special someone, you magically know it. William Michael Morgan certainly did.

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The country singer, in this hit, tells the story of meeting this blue-eyed beauty who turns his world upside down. He talks about how he is in awe of her smile, her mannerisms, her silly habits, and all the attributes that make her unique. In this pop hit froma man tries to convince his partner that they still have a future together. He tries to use crystal raindrops and rainbows to persuade her into thinking that the two of them would succeed in love if they try.

Full of emotion, the singer in this country hit credits the transformative power of true love for making him a better, happier man. His partner has cast a spell on him and the longer the two are together, the deeper he falls for her. The loverboy, in this pop smash, isn't saying he wants to marry his sweetheart 'right now'. To do that he'd have to purchase a ring, which he cannot because he is a little tight on funds.

But the guy knows the right things to say.

Can't help falling in love

He describes how one day when he is able to get the money, he will propose to her and make her dreams come true. He has already fallen in love after having discovered that no other girl is capable of making him feel the way she does. He just wants to be together with her until they're both geriatric. It features a guy who describes every girl's Cinderella dream of wanting to be swept off her feet.

Top songs about falling in love

The narrator talks about falling in love and tries to persuade his special someone into giving him a chance to be her 'Prince Charming'. Hit hard by love, the bashful guy in his country hit needs to be goaded by his girl into going for a kiss. It must have worked because by the end, they eventually married. No brownie points for answering who might have proposed to whom.

Falling in love (2ne1 song)

In this world where people avoid eye contact and any interpersonal communication, James Blunt in this banger is taking a chance on love. He reaches out for making a connection with a lovely woman who has sparked love in his heart. Moreover, he knows he might get burned but he feels love is worth the chance. Whether it is natural disasters, wars, or crime-filled communities that seem inescapable, people tend to find one another at times of crisis.

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This hit song is catchy albeit simple, mostly because the singers are surprised to find themselves falling in love. They even repeat 'We found love in a hopeless place'. This cover of Elvis Presley's classic has a love-stricken man confess his true feelings for the woman that he loves. He then labels their relationship as 'meant to be' and asks per, maybe prematurely, to 'take his hand and his whole life'.

Underwood in this country hit feels herself falling in love and has the need of sharing it with the object of her affection. Named by the Rolling Stone magazine among one of 'The Greatest Songs of All Time', this hit is about an innocent girl's attempt to persuade the man of her dreams that her feelings of love, at first sight, are genuinely real. She confesses that they can be together forever as she seeks to convince him to give her a chance.

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The lead singer Ronnie Bennett Spector was just 15 years old when sang this chart-topping hit while Cher before Sony and Cher fame sang the back-up vocals on the recording. If you fall in love, you won't always know where you stand with your partner. You could find yourself feeling vulnerable.

This is what Leo Sayer sang about in his pop ballad.

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The singer in this indie-rock hit tries to tell his love that he is deeply into her. He also invites her into a magical cocoon world where the two of them don't have to worry about others and all they would be doing is worry about each other. This song is so soothing and heartwarming that it'll melt your partner if you dedicate it to them.

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It would be hard not to think about that special person you're in love with while listening to this song. This amazing song is considered among one of the best love songs of all time.

30 best songs about falling in love to play for your one and only

It is an incredible song and the lyrics are so great that anytime it comes on, you'll feel like you're in love and you will start thinking about that special person even though it is a sad song. The crowning achievement of Ben E. King's career remains this timeless wonder, which he co-wrote with Mike Stroller and Jerry Leiber. Hear the iconic bass line, the percussion, then Ben's frayed vocals, those strings, and try to let your heart melt like butter.

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Have you ever had a neighbor that you cannot stop flirting with? Ray Charles certainly knows that. The next-door neighbors in Charles' debut single, 'Hallelujah I Love Her So' definitely goes beyond being friendly and cordial.

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Between Don Wilkerson's tenor sax and the beautiful lyrics about the quiet kindness of romance for instance, coming at a moment's call or bringing coffee to each otherthis song brilliantly captures the love that comes from a perfect understanding. When Charles sings, he knows that she will be there for him, despite all the doubts, because she told him so. It becomes quite clear that this is the type of connection that is meant to be.

These 15 songs about falling in love will give you all the butterflies

While it is more recognized as a song about breaking free from oppression as well as for its music video starring members of Queen in drag, there is a beautiful love story included here. The narrator here has 'fallen in love for the first time' while they knew 'this time it is for real'. How that sort of love will blossom as the person finds freedom to make it on their own is still unclear but it is still a start.

Just the words in the title will be enough to make your heart pull and remind you of the special person that your heart longs to be with. This song is all about being crazy in love with your partner.