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Life simulation games are among some of the most unique games out there. Many people forget the incredible depth and complexity that goes into an effective life sim. The genre has several similar entries, so a casual gamer might look at a dozen games and be unable to differentiate one from the other.

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The Sims franchise has been incredibly successful since its release in the early s. While the series has been largely without any real competitors, there has been a huge expansion of the life simulation genre, which continues to grow every year with even more incredible games. It's a tough task of finding that fine balance between fun and realistic, and between building and living the life you want. If you, too, are a The Sims 4 addict and feel like you have nothing to do while waiting for The Sims 5 to be announced, we've got a nice list of games you should totally give a chance, with similar mechanics and themes as the original The Sims game series.

Updated August 18th, by Anastasia Maillot: The simulation genre remains mostly in the hands of The Sims 4 and EA Games, but some worthy competitors have popped up with their own niche. From Stardew Valley to Second Life, the possibilities are expanding also thanks to the better platforms most indie games have these days.

With the demand for simulation games still high, there's no shortage of farming simulators and life simulators out there. Here's a few additional games like The Sims franchise, and their respective platforms. Sci-fi fans who love management games and simulation games will fall in love with RimWorld.

This top-down view indie game has players looking after a group of colonists and managing just about every aspect of their lives. This game is just like The Sims in the sense that needs and relationships need to be managed.

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That said, there's a big survival aspect to the gameplay as well, from protecting the colony, building new structures and crafting various new objects. The original Harvest Moon game was a roaring success and no doubt helped to pave the way for other games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Harvest Moon: One World allows players to start their own farm and get to know the many characters of the world, in true simulation fashion. Despite bringing back the franchise that players love, Harvest Moon: One World doesn't have an immense amount of depth which explains its poor ratings since its release.

Still, for hardcore fans it's a similar game to The Sims and therefore worth a shot. Although it's an older game from and therefore only available for Nintendo 3DS, it's a great mix of traditional medieval fantasy RPG in a place called Reveria, as well as simulation with house decorating and questing.

The quests themselves are interesting since they depend on the type of character the player chooses to play. There's several different RPG classes dubbed as "life classes" in the game that help set the tone for tasks and quests. As is natural for RPGs, players will also fight off beasts and have followers in on their adventures. There's quite a few realistic simulator games out there, but Farming Simulator has consistently been a favorite among players due to the sheer scope of the game.

This game focuses on farming, managing a unique farm in an immersive and highly realistic open-world environment.

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That being said, Farming Simulator can get pretty technical and detailed for newcomers, which might be off-putting. It's definitely the ideal choice for those who like ultra-realism above all and don't mind getting sucked into a game fully. Mobile games have a nice variety of light-hearted simulation games, including Family Housewhich has the player move into a decrepit building and turn it back into its former glory.

Simulation games

In many ways, Family House is similar to The Sims. As they progress by unlocking more furniture, family members and rooms, they level up and gain access to more features. It's a classic mobile game with limitations, but for those really craving for some family simulation games, it's a decent choice with a ton of The Sims -inspired content. It's heavily inspired by Stardew Valleywith a similar premise of a main character returning to their roots to restore their father's workshop to a better state.

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The game is three-dimensional and quite immersive. Like in The Sims, there are townies to befriend and interact withas well as a whole array of quests and romance plotlines to discover. At its core, it all comes down to being a farming simulator with some mild life simulation features. Old school fans of The Sims franchise will remember just how fun games like SimCity were before they essentially disappeared from the market or became watered down.

Thankfully, Cities: Skylines has done a remarkable job at bringing back that classic feel or creating the perfect city. It's not quite like The Sims 4but it's a nice throwback for some more seasoned simulation fans who want to play a simulation focused more on cities rather than individual families.

All the aspects of a classic city creation and management strategy game are in Skylineswhich is bound to suck in just about any creative and challenge-loving mind.

15 great games like the sims

Managing a household is tough, but how about managing a full on zoo? With gorgeous graphics and very immersive gameplay, Planet Zoo allows players to build their very own zoo establishment and maintain it to the best of their ability. It's a big step forward from classic games like Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoonwhich were immensely popular during The Sims and The Sims 2gathering fans from the same franchise.

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Moreover, it's just a nice change of pace to manage something different than a household. There's a whole community of Simmers out there who have dedicated their free time to building. Creating insane houses and mansions is one of their greatest pass time, which is why games like Minecraft will bring a special kind of joy for any build lovers. Its creative mode in particular gives completely free hands to players who want to plan out houses and bring them to the next level.

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However, its survival mode is still very fun and close to many other popular simulations out there, with RPG and farming aspects included. Paralives is a game still in development, but deserves a special spot on this list. From what players have been shown so far, this ambitious project just might be what pushes EA to bring real creativity and immersion back into its game. Paralives has promised unparalleled customization when it comes to building houses and creating characters, and is a game very similar to The Sims 4.

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There are aspects of the simulation The Sims franchise hasn't even touched upon, such as in-depth personalities and interests that truly define who each Para is. It's a game every demanding fan of The Sims franchise should check out and keep a close eye on.

The best games like sims

Those who love being thrown into difficult decisions and funny, imagined situations of an alternate life, BitLife is perfect. The application is available for smartphones and randomizes a new life for players, which will progress with every year. The game will put players through various life events and give options from which they must choose carefully, as decisions will always have interesting and sometimes hilarious consequences. It's a great bit of entertainment that can be carried anywhere, with that random life event mechanic from The Sims very much present despite being only in text form.

For a person on the go, but who wants a bit more out of the visuals of a game, an ideal pick is Avakin Life. The game is available on smartphone and allows players to create exactly the character they'd like with clothing and cosmetics of choice. While there's no need to worry about needs, players can definitely get very creative with furnishing their room and giving their character that perfect fashion style. There's also the aspect of communicating with other players through common rooms and areas, as well as dance move emotes players can bust out at a party.

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Similar to Avakin Life in concept but slightly more expansive and available only on the PC, IMVU also allows players to create that ideal character, with clothing and hair style of choice. Again, basic life simulation mechanics are absent here, as the game is more geared towards those who enjoy the character creation aspect of The Sims 4. Players can then various chatrooms, furnish their own room or house and socialize with other users. Various dances and poses are also available, making it a really fun social networking game with tons of room of creativity.

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Available on Microsoft Store for PC users, Virtual Families 2 puts players in charge of a character and their daily life. Many of the mechanics from The Sims 4 are present here, including customizing their house, building a family one by one, going to work, and helping them with their needs. Players will be able to edit their house as well as the game progresses, and a bunch of random life events will either spell disaster or mildly complicate daily life, maintaining that fun sense of challenge and mystery.

The graphics are very appealing, similar to the first The Sims game with a top down view. There are many different Simmers out there, with different needs. Some enjoy creating characters all day, while others all about building the ideal house. The game puts players face to face with a decrepit house, which needs to be renovated from top to bottom with the right tools and engineering knowledge.

House flipper

With incredible realism and impressive graphics, this is without a doubt one of the best building simulators similar to The Simsallowing players to even furnish and finally sell their finished product in-game. For Nintendo fans, Animal Crossing is a great life simulator which puts the player into a town of animal-looking inhabitants.

There are no real goals or objectives in this game, simply to live and flourish in the village by performing a wide range of activities that include fishing and collecting items. The character customization and home furnishing are both major features similar to The Sims games. The game has a very specific visual style, as well as a realistic clock that mimics real-world time, as well as seasons. Its newest installment, Animal Crossing: New Horizonsificantly upgrades the game. From the creators of The Sims came also the ultimate game of making alien species: Spore.

Players start off by creating their own species in cell form, and then watch them evolve in their environment over time, with various in-game challenges that come in to play. If all goes well, a species will thrive on its planet and even achieve a position of domination. For those who love watching their creations grow, this is the ideal game, even though it doesn't simulate human life necessarily.

This list wouldn't be complete without the free-to-play version of everyone's favorite life simulation game.

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Those who can't put The Sims 4 down but who are constantly on the go, it's possible to get EA's free version of the game on mobile and tablet devices.