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Relationship splits are even messier in the online age. When must you change your Facebook status?

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But before you post your first status to make your ex jealous I want you to ask yourself a serious question- is that what you REALLY want? Jealous people experience a range of emotions and reaction, ranging from discomfort, to rage. Sometimes they become so distressed that they can become sick, or violent.

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With social media becoming an integral part of our life these days, how can we take advantage of it to get back with your ex? Let me explain in details.

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If you want to have any chance at all of getting back with your ex successfully, there are certain things that you should NEVER do on your Facebook for specific Facebook Tactics to get your ex back or Twitter after your breakup:. This is very important.

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By changing your relationship status, it will be letting all your friends know that you two just broke up and attract a lot of unwanted comments and questions. However, I am not saying that just leave it unchanged even after your ex has publicly changed their relationship on Facebook. There is an option on Facebook that allows you to hide your relationship status.

Do not post sad love quotes or anything that shows you are upset over your breakup. I get it that you are still feeling sad and depressed over your recent breakup or even if your breakup was years ago.

But, that is not an excuse for you to post sad love quotes or any post that says that you are still hurting from your breakup and still misses your ex. They might feel sorry for you. Are you guilty of doing the same?

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You have to stand firm and show that you are mature about this. You should also reflect on yourself. Did you try to work on your relationship and make efforts to communicate with your partners and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it? If you could start all over againis there anything you would have done differently? Stop blaming your ex and start finding out what was the problem and think about what you can do to improve before you try to get back with your ex.

Are you checking if your ex is online on skype every day?

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Are you checking out what new friends your ex just added and trying to find out everything about this new friend of opposite sex because you are worried that they might steal your ex away from you? If so, this could drive your ex further away and possibly even jeopardize your chances of getting back with them. When you start to find out obsessively what your ex is doing everyday, it will get you to become paranoid.

You will start to think of all the reasons in your head why your ex broke up with you.

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And if you start to get desperate, you will start to demand answers from your ex and this will pressure them and make them want to avoid you even more. That just shows you are desperate and you are not coping very well with your breakup. Make yourself look good! Change your profile picture to show the attractive and confident side of you to your ex. It is very good to start going to the gym and lose some of the weight you have been wanting to get rid of since forever.

You are suddenly single again. should you steer clear of social media?

It will not only help make you more fit, but also help you stay energetic and positive. Get a new hairstyle and a new outfit and bring the sexiness out of you. Take a lot of photos and post them.

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That will show your ex that you are doing well after the breakup and you are the same fun loving person your ex fell in love with. It also serves another purpose. Seeing these photos might bring back a lot of good memories and fun times your ex had with you and thus make your ex miss you.

Is he even checking my social media?

Again post lots and lots of photos of you having fun. Maybe some photos of you with your dates having a good time. A healthy amount of jealousy might be of some help in getting back with your ex. Remember, whether it is guy or girl, we get jealous very easily. It might even prompt your ex to contact you very soon.

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However if your ex does contact youyou must be fully prepared for the call and not sound needy or desperate. Nothing negative, even if you find yourself really missing your ex and feeling horrible.

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Just keep it to yourself. No one finds negative people attractive. When you were dating, your life was mostly revolved around just your partner and you started doing less things that you were passionate about or completely stopped doing it. Now is the time to start focusing on you and things that you love to you.

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Post photos or status updates about it. When your ex sees it, your ex might be reminded of the person they first felt attracted to. Its been 1 nd half years now since i dated this guy then suddenly he stopped calling me i tried to call him too coz i quess he was busy with other things but no avail my thoughts was he has blocked my line then abt 3months ago he called me we both talked,laughed over silly questions n answers and jokes as well.

Infact i have never received an early I mean call in the early morning call from my ex ever since we became friends so i hurriedly picked up the call then the questions followed. Now he just confesses that he love me but saying i love you is nothing much better i thought now my problem is i want him to forget abt the new girl n get back to me permanently.

I never thought to do that. I fell in love with this person and I always believed that no matter what happened, that he would never intentionally hurt my feelings.

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Unfortunately this was not to be, and he recently dumped me in a humilating way that hurt my feelings beyond belief. It was as though he became a different person! What can I do to take this pain away and to forget how much he hurt me? I want to move on but its so difficult. Sometimes relationships need time to grow and mature. People get hurt all the time by others but if you two can mend the issues together then you will have something amazing. We broke up yesterday. My ex boyfriend and I have been together 4 years and for two years it was a long distance relationship.

It was difficult when we started the relationship because we were both separated. Since early he has changed, not calling much, etc etc Finally I found out he has a new girlfriend, 2 months now. And so he found another woman where he is now. He chose her over me. He just gave up. He tells me he is sorry for hurting me and he sent me a message today saying that it may sound strange or untrue but he will never stop loving me. Though we had a relationship with lots of complications, we really did love each other and had great times. I miss him so much.

It hurts too much. Please give me advice.

What are your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back?

Its been a month since I split up from my boyfriend and i miss spending my time with so much. We started off as friends over a year ago and one thing led to another as they sometimes do. As he has 2 boys I never really saw him the week he had they boys and I used to spend alot of my time with him when the boys were at there Mums just as friends. As things progressed we started going out more, but the problem being I work with him and no one at work knew, so it became awkward where I didnt want people knowing about us.

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I loved being with him, but ever since we have split up I hardly see him and I am finding this very hard to cope with. We are still freinds but when we have spent sometime together we have fooled about and things could of got a little more heated. I have really tried to be strong but last night he was the one to be making comments and have wondering hands which in the end I had to say no.

Should you cut all online ties with your ex’s friends?

We had such a good time I have come home tonite after seeing him at work and I am very sad because we had such a good laugh last night I want things to be the same they were. Any ideas what could be going on in his head?? I drag myself out every night with friends but I just end up looking and feeling miserable the whole night out. Like with nobody I have ever been with before.

He said he waited for my feelings to get stronger for so long and he suppressed his and all that time of suppressing his strong feelings caused him to lose it.

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He thinks it was all bad timing…that if we both were to meet now we would probably get married in a year. Can someone really fall in love with someone after 2 months and then fall out of love a few months later? Two days before we broke up he was still talking marriage and took me to look at a place he wanted to buy.

But I feel I need an answer now either way on what he wants to do. Please somebody tell me what makes a guy do this??? My now ex and I met on a dating website and initially talked for a few months on and off for awhile. Then we started to hangout and everything was going great, I asked her out she said yes we had amazing times together in the month and a half we dated. Both of us had been single for awhile and made sure that we were both emotionally ready to put ourselves in this position.

When I told her that I felt really strongly about her she reciprocated these feelings and told me she was in love with me too and had been waiting to say it. I went on vacation recently for ten days to California, talking to her literally everyday non stop, with both texting and phone calls.

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She would tell me how much she missed me and how she loved me to death and we would talk through the night about our days, our pasts and where we were going from here. She was very sexual as well, telling me all sorts of things she would want to do to me when I come home and how she missed me so much.