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Oftentimes than not, seeing a picture will lead you to ponder more about what it is, who it belongs to, and where it was first found. The following post will help you understand Reverse Image Search, how you can use it to trace a picture back to its source and verify its authenticity. The process involves either ing the picture or the image URL, which an algorithm then compares with thousands of similar images before returning and matching images.

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Facebook is a platform many people use every day. These days almost everyone has a Facebook .

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Do you have a picture of someone and you need to use it and find all of his social media profiles? Then, thanks to facial recognition and image search technologies, there are handy tools and options to use. But the option may not be there sometimes.

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So, use the other search types the site offers if possible. There will be a dedicated section on the reports that show members the networks where someone has s. As you can see above, there are other search options to find people on social media.

So, try them if you know their names, s, or even contact s.

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Those tools work better than what a reverse image search does. And if he or she has a social media presence, you could get their s.

That said, you need to check if these s are active or abandoned. So, look for recent posts, Tweets, Pins, or other information on their timelines. To get the bestwe recommend verifying the photo before you it for search.

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And that means inaccurate names or profiles. For that reason, limiting the search to one person is better. For that, you may use a photo editor tool if you have one or use the Mac preview and crop those photos. That way, you see only the guy you want to find.

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It was the first search engine on the web that uses photos instead of words. That will help in getting accurate. Tineye has a smart system called MatchEngine which is one of its kind. It scans a picture that the user. Then it combines all the possibilities of using it on different websites.

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Unlike other sites that check for image copies only, this one rotates that picture and extracts the smallest details on human faces. But people could use it to find a person they lost on social media with one of his pictures only.

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Google Images is a popular search engine that works differently than its main one. Instead of words or phrases, users have the option to a picture and search through it. Next, Google algorithms scan its databases of indexed details.

After that, it shows you any relevant profile on any known social media site. The main issue with Google is that it only indexes the details that a social network allows. In other words, if someone has a profile on Facebook for example, and that has been indexed, then, there could be also the profile picture of that person behind.

On the other side, another person on the same website might have an active profile.

You can learn more about an image or the objects around you with a reverse image search. check here the step-by-step guide for users to search for someone using a photo on google.

But they blocked search engines from letting others find them there. The same thing could be preventing the index of other social profiles like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, or others. So, if you get no using that given picture, look for other photos probably saved elsewhere on your computer or s. Compared to well-known social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are among the platforms with the highest chances of finding users by their pictures.

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And most of Instagram content is photos. Also, Snapchat has a search tool online. So, people add friends by typing usernames. And that means search engines like Google can help to find Snapchat users by photo if that was crawled and also indexed publicly. After Google, Bing started offering visual search for its users.

Facial recognition search tool.

Thus, everyone who needs to find a lost friend or missing family members on social media could one of their photos and search with it. If the photo is online and hosted on a blog or website, users have the option to paste its URL address. To start using the Bing reverse image search, visit their site first. Bing is not Google and both search engines have different approaches for finding details including social information. That means, there are chances that one website finds more or fewer data about people on social media than the other.

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Consequently, if a profile has been indexed by Bing, but not yet by Google because of privacy settings, the searcher could find that by photo. Even if the trending technologies linked to face recognition and image search are not new, there are still ways for improvement. There are many law enforcement issues with that. And even the smartest algorithms and biometric, face recognition systems struggle to distinguish between two different individuals who share similar face shapes.

Finding someone on social media with just his picture may look like a hard task for many.

What does your face reveal?

What works for others may not work for you. Also, keep in mind that the more information you collect about the person, the higher chances you may find them on social networks. Meantime, Google or other search engines offer the option to search by photos. That said, you might need a high-resolution picture. With a team of expert writers in different domains, we spend a lot of time doing in-depth research before writing and editing, so, the reader gets the most of our tips and tricks from authors who know how to fix common issues with modern technologies.