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The Good Bits promotes good sex stories for womenand people who love them. Read the sensual and erotic stories awarded the best sex stories by judges and readers. If you love it, buy the book!

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They were sent in from real readers just like you, who love sex and love sharing their stories. And if you feel like sharing your own story, you can do so by leaving a comment below. But you can also skip straight to the true sex stories that our male readers submitted.

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Good sex stories for women and those who love them

Teddy and I were going out to the local carnival in town. This where we got adventurous and I blew my boyfriend while he ate me out. Anyway, I was waiting for him and I was horny so I lifted up my skirt and began fingering myself. I was in the living room when I […].

True sex stories from women

…. My best friend was getting married in a month. She got the address of the apartment and asked me to crash the party as a stripper. She wanted to know if he would cheat on her with a stripper […]. I was having body aches and wanted a good massage to release the stress I had been feeling. He would be away working and I was so tired of waiting for him to come to me and make feel […].

Sexy stories

I have always loved the red colour, the colour of the vamps and the femme fatale. I apply it generously over my lips and glance myself in the mirror- gorgeous, I think. I undo a button of my top, showing off my deep cleavage, fluff my hair and walk back out to the boring party.

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Me and my wife have been married for over 5 years. She often spoke of her university days when she used to hang out with her then best friend, Liz. According to […]. My friend and I were travelling to Spain. We were just bored of our routine life and needed a break.

She loves the attention

My friend Leslie was a wild. She used to try crazy things and encounters with strangers as well.

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She had a lot of sex partners from the time I knew her in high school. On […]. In Goa, summers are the best time of the year to make an extra buck as many tourists visit this party hub from across the globe to escape their harsh winters.

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Like every year, I let one of the rooms of my bungalow to a tourist and make an extra income. For a year-old widow, […]. I could hear him arrive at the front door while I was stirring the pasta sauce in the kitchen. My husband had been quite busy with meetings recently and I wanted him to relax a bit.

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All the planning was done while I was coming back home from office. I had picked up a silky […].

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Ever since I got married in the yearmy friends and I have been making it a point to meet every year at least once. This year, we decided to gather in New York, at a […].

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It happened about a year before. I am a 35 year old woman, who is struggling to raise her two kids and craving the attention of her busy husband. Ever since I gave birth to our second child, my husband had turned distant as he started working more than ever before.

31 incredible true sex stories from real women & men

We got married at […]. I was in the living room when I […] …. She wanted to know if he would cheat on her with a stripper […] …. He would be away working and I was so tired of waiting for him to come to me and make feel […] ….

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According to […] …. On […] …. For a year-old widow, […] ….

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I had picked up a silky […] …. This year, we decided to gather in New York, at a […] ….

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We got married at […] ….