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Reading and enjoying erotica is no longer just a private pastime. From self-help guides, cheap romance paperbacks, thought-provoking novels, to the hardcore down and dirty, sharing written erotica with your lover can lead to a whole new avenue for sexual dialogue as well as an inspiration for a whole new level of excitement, pleasure and intimacy. Now, who doesn't want that?

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Skip ! Story from Sex. Every time I ask for sex, she objects. Wedding cake. Not to mention the fact that these stereotypes don't acknowledge same-sex couples. The reality of sex after marriage is not so dire.

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The following is a sexy short story that was inspired by a couple I know who recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. How much longer are you going to make me wait? I promise this is worth waiting for!

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It was not a typical anniversary dinner and it got even less typical when it ended. Almost immediately after they finished their meal, Tim turned the music off and got dead serious. He claimed he had the perfect anniversary present for her, but it required that she wear a blindfold and follow him.

She even felt a little anxious, knowing her husband had a knack for elaborate schemes. If anything, she found that kind of uncertainty a turn-on.

Not so unrequited love

It was a big part of why her relationship with Tim was so strong. Then, you came along. You saw who I was, how I was, and what I am…and you just accepted all of it.

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You gave me a chance to show you how much I can love someone. I want you to see, clear as day, how much our love means me to me. His words were cryptic, but his voice was as heart-felt as it had been on their wedding day. Tim might not have been skilled with turning feelings into words, but the man had a knack for conveying his love to her. It left her all the more anxious to see what kind of surprise he had in store for her.

Knowing the layout of their house as well as him, she sensed they were in their second-floor master bedroom. She even suspected that Tim had led her in circles a few times in an attempt to throw her off. She still went along with it. He still sounded very serious, but he also sounded distinctly seductive. He had that deep, masculine undertone he often used when trying to get her in a sexy mood. Other women thought it was juvenile, including her sister and mother. She thought it was hot and on their anniversary, it did plenty to set the mood.

Even through the blindfold, she felt his penetrating gaze.

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It got her heart racing and her passions heightened, wanting more than anything to feel whatever intensity Tim had planned. Tell me what to do next.

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As he uttered those words, she felt his hands shift from her shoulders to her waist. There, he lightly grasped the hem of her shirt. Or everything? His voice left no room for ambiguity. He wanted her naked and not just because he liked staring at her tits and butt. With almost casual glee, Amber stripped out of her shirt, jeans, and underwear. Tim still helped her get her shirt off over the blindfold, but she did the rest, slipping out of her pants and unclasping her bra.

As she kicked off her clothes, she sensed Tim do the same, hearing as he undid his belt buckle and slid off his shirt. She even got a little turned on, knowing his eyes were drifting up and down her naked body.

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She could already feel his gaze on her breasts. She could even hear his breath getting more labored as he took in her beauty. He laughed and pulled her into a light embrace. In the process, he revealed that he was fully naked too. She could feel his exposed chest pressing against hers. She also felt a partially-erect penis press up against her thigh.

Fuck you fuck me - story

That somewhat surprised her. Naked or not, him getting aroused so quickly meant something had gotten him very excited. Whatever it was, Tim clearly wanted her. One way or another, they were going to make love that night. It was only a matter of what form it would take. Still in his arms, her love guided her across the room. With every step, he affectionately caressed her naked body. He kissed down her neck, nibbling her ear in that special way that always got her blood flowing to all the right body parts. He also trailed his hands up her hips, tickling and tantalizing her feminine curves, sending shivers up her body.

After only a few steps, those shivers morphed into full-fledged arousal. The way his fingers grazed over her outer folds, paying close attention to her more sensitive areas, made clear that he needed her horny for what he had planned. Tim did so as well, his hands never leaving her naked body. With the blindfold still on, he guided her to towards the center of the bed and laid her down atop what she surmised to be a fresh pillow. In fact, the sheets under her felt brand new and very expensive. Still trusting her husband implicitly, Amber waited with baited breath as she lay naked atop her bed, soft linens under her and her equally-naked husband on top of her.

As she waited, he kissed and caressed her again. He trailed one hand up her hips and fondled her breast with the other, giving it a light squeeze to send more intimate shivers coursing up through her body. It got her heart racing while sending her lady parts into overdrive.

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The line between loving the man on top of her and wanting to fuck him senseless completely disappeared. Like a reflex, her legs parted and Tim got into position between them. She soon felt the tip of his erect penis rub up against her folds. He was almost as aroused as her.

Her patience almost at her limit, Amber felt her husband grab her thighs, lay on top of her, and thrust his member into her womanhood. The feeling of smooth, sensual penetration quickly filled her body. As she gasped at the sudden surge of sensations, Tim buried his face in her neck and whispered once more.

As soon as it was off, she saw something that left her utterly astonished in the best possible way. It was a sight to behold in the best possible way. On the ceiling just above their bed, which had been blank and featureless that morning, a mirror had been installed. It was not a small mirror, either. It was big enough to show the entire king-sized bed and at that very moment, their naked bodies were on full display in the reflection.

As she gazed at the reflection, Tim went to work establishing a heated sexual rhythm. Grunting with unfretted manliness, he dug his knees and feet into the bed as he worked his body against hers. Manly sinews grinded against feminine curves, her breasts pressing up against his chest in a perfect mesh of flesh.

With every movement, his rigid manhood sensually slithered within her wet folds, stimulating all the right nerves and filling her with the bliss of shared passion. It was one thing to feel those wondrous pleasures that came from making love to her husband, but it was quite another to see it play out in front of her in real time.

Their reflection on the mirror was the ultimate porno with them as the stars, turning an intimate feeling into an intensely erotic spectacle. Along with the visuals, she felt the steady stream of ecstasy that came with good sex and a caring lover.

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There was something strange, yet stimulating about watching it unfold before her eyes. Like a fantasy manifesting, it added something special to their lovemaking…something that translated into a special brand of bliss. There was literally no denying. She could see it right there in the mirror, the way her expression beamed with joy.

Tim seemed intent on intensifying the spectacle.

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His face still buried in her neck, he kissed up the side of her face as he worked his hips harder, vigorously pumping his manhood into her depths. It played out in every lurid detail in the mirror. She watched their naked bodies rock together in an intimate heat, the bed moving with it.