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I had decided to ride the middleweight Suzuki GSX-R once again on the street to prove to myself that my first impression was correct: This machine is as close to the perfect sport bike as it is possible to get.

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When the first GSX-R was introduced more than two decades ago, it defined an entirely new category of motorcycle: The true racer replica. For more than 20 years, the GSX-R has been a direct link between the racetrack and the street.

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Suzuki GSX-R Bore x Stroke 70 x High capacity large trapezoidal-shaped radiator which includes compact cooling fan assembly deed for improved air flow. Lubrication Wet sump Induction Tapered, 50mm double-barrel throttle body, Suzuki's SDTV throttle valve system, plus twin multi-hole-type injectors per cylinder. Re-deed cylinder head with narrower valve angles creating a more compact combustion chamber de, higher Valve bucket diameters are increased to work with more aggressive camshafts.

Lightweight titanium valves with steel alloy springs and aluminum spring retainers operated by thin-wall hollow camshafts to reduce weight and inertia. Lightweight forged aluminum alloy pistons with short skirts, cut away sides and an anti-friction surface finish along with shotpeened chrome-moly steel connecting rods for improved strength. One-piece cylinder block and upper crankcase section is equipped with larger 39mm ventilation holes between cylinders to reduce crankcase pressure and mechanical loss.

Suzuki gsx-r

Tapered, larger 50mm double-barrel throttle body de features Suzuki's SDTV throttle valve system, plus twin multi-hole-type injectors per cylinder for optimum performance and throttle response. Crankshaft features forged steel construction and a new secondary balancer shaft for reduced vibration at high rpm. Crankshaft and transmission shaft positions are revised to create a more compact engine de and the engine itself is rotated slightly forward in the chassis allowing for straighter and shorter intake and exhaust ports.

New back torque limiting clutch allows smoother downshifts and works in conjunction with an updated six speed transmission with revised internal gear ratios and updated shift forks.

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High capacity large trapezoidal-shaped radiator provide efficient engine cooling - includes compact cooling fan assembly deed for improved air flow. A new Idle Speed Control ISC system improves cold starting and stabilizes engine idle speed in a variety of conditions.

SRAD Suzuki Ram Air Direct force feeds cool, pressurized air into the airbox at highway speeds, improving engine efficiency and throttle response. New Chassis All new ultra-lightweight frame is built entirely of aluminum alloy castings and is engineered to deliver optimum rigidity, unmatched accuracy and maximum cornering performance.

Suzuki gsx-r ( - ) review

New aluminum alloy braced swingarm features increased rigidity, a larger 25mm swingarm pivot and is now 38mm longer for improved rider feel and better rear wheel traction. RM-Z inspired new rear suspension linkage utilizes a forged aluminum alloy link and a forged aluminum link rod that reduces side lo and helps the rear shock absorber move in a smooth arc. New inverted 41mm Showa cartridge front forks are fully adjustable for spring preload, compression damping, and rebound damping.

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Showa rear shock absorber with a 46mm piston and larger 16mm rod moves the same amount of oil despite a shorter stroke and provides adjustable rebound damping, compression damping and preload settings. New larger mm brake discs work with radial mount calipers and radial front brake master cylinder.

A new rear brake caliper is grams lighter.

Bridgestone radial tires are mounted on new cast aluminum wheels featuring redeed, thinner spokes with optimized wall thickness to reduce unsprung weight. Compact, lightweight instrument cluster features a step motor controlled analog tachometer, LCD speedometer, dual trip meters, clock and convenient new gear position indicator. Riding position is revised with a shorter fuel tank, lower seat height, and adjustable rider footpegs for improved rider control and mobility.

Besides that we all want to dress up in leather body suits and flog them mercilessly. Bad jokes aside: At one time or another they've all been the toast of the town during their heyday but now find themselves' cast aside with no place that they truly belong. We can't help our fallen gal-pals but we can run an intervention for the bikes. Think of this test as a sort of rehab we'll call Asphalt Anonymous.

Suzuki gsx-r track and street test | retro review

Twenty-two years ago the GSX-R defined the modern day sportbike. In the decades that followed the Gixxer seven-fifty, as it is known by true Suzuki enthusiasts, collected numerous race wins within both the amateur and professional road race ranks and tallied four AMA Superbike championships at the hands of Yoshimura Suzuki's Mat Mladin. Less than a half decade has passed since Superbike championship grids around the world were dominated by cc In-line Fours.

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Fortunately for consumers, Suzuki has continued to develop this amazing platform, updating its once dominant steed even though there is no longer a top-tier professional class for it to compete in. The Suzuki GSX-R is the sole survivor of that extraordinary era of racing but there is another great motorcycle that has suffered a similar fate - the Triumph Daytona Only a year ago the tenacious Triple swept almost every Supersport comparison conducted in America, including our own Supersport Shootout IV, only to be left out of all but one test the following year. First it was banned from competing in Supersport competition, then it was blackballed by the media for one reason or another.

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Suddenly, it seems as though the Triumph has fallen from grace. Although the descent of the Daytona is not as notorious as the demotion of the Gixxer, it still represents an injustice to those who have sampled the goods and know what the bike is capable of. We are all aware of what it did against the Supersport class but how would it fare against a ? Last year the Triumph enjoyed a displacement advantage which left the competition feeling a bit slighted when the came in.

In the interest of keeping things fair we've tossed it into the mix with the only legitimate sportbike on the market today: The Suzuki GSX-R With no clear class to call their own we created one for them. Although these once mighty warriors may have exiled to a purgatory of canyon rides, club races and track days there's no reason to pity them because they are still two of the best motorcycles on the market. Infineon Raceway, in the hills of Sonoma, California, and a multitude of backro surrounding our Southern Oregon HQ would serve as our playground while we sampled these forbidden fruit from Triumph and Suzuki.

To ensure a level field of play, we slung on Dunlop GP-A spec race tires which would enable us to extort the full knee-on-deck performance of this dynamic duo during an afternoon at the track with Pacific Track Time. Yes, Mr. Gixxer was all new from the ground up in and remains unchanged for this year aside from minor alterations to the graphics. It shares the aggressive and aerodynamically correct MotoGP-inspired de and short, low-slung exhaust pipe with its smaller cc sibling. The best way to tell the models apart is by the "carbonized titanium" coating on the front fork and orange stickers on the tail section.

Throw a leg over the three-quarter liter machine and you immediately notice just how intuitive the riding position is. With well spaced handlebars that are not as torturous as the ones on thea low The Gixxer also features a tall windscreen, which allows the rider to tuck in easily and be completely removed from the effects of wind blast at high speed. On the track, balance is the theme of the seven-five-zero.

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The 41mm Showa inverted front fork, which features adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping, is paired with an equally adjustable Showa rear shock. This combination caps off a well sorted chassis with a stubby Only a slight push of the bar is required to initiate a turn and once it starts to turn-in, it does not fall into the corner, instead it leans over very predictably.

This allows the rider to make accurate lean-angle adjustments on the fly and inspires confidence when pushing the bike hard. Plus, it doesn't hehake whatsoever when driving hard out of corners. It's hard to find a flaw in its game but I would have to say it's just doesn't seem to be quite as sharp as the Triumph. The front end gives the rider an adequate amount of feedback in the delicate relationship between road and tire, but when compared with the it comes up a bit short.

Its radial-mounted Tokico four piston calipers grab onto a pair of mm rotors and, despite its rubber lines, the brakes continued to offer up consistent power and feel.

The Suzuki's brakes deliver excellent performance, which allow the rider to brake deeper and deeper, lap after lap, as confidence grows with each successful entry. I would like them to have a little more initial bite, but there is a lot of feel and power at the lever, so it is really a moot point.

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Overall I like the Suzuki's brakes better than the Triumph," said Hutch. The compact mill features a wide powerband, more akin to that of a on steroids than a legit The beefy mid-range pulls pretty well before coming on even stronger up top.

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It has a decent amount of over-rev and power barely tapers off. It's a near-perfect blend between the slightly anemic power of a and the brutish force of a On the street this wasn't so much of an issue once it's out of first; but on the track, when the objective is spot-on gear selection leading to seriously good drives out of the corner, it requires a bit of attention.

It's near perfect on the street but here at Infineon I wish it had two or three more teeth on the rear sprocket so we could get the revs up faster," Hutch explains. Like all 07' Suzuki GSX-Rs, the features a slipper clutch, which allows for idiot-proof downshifts no matter what you do to screw it up.

The slipper clutch was especially useful at Infineon's ultra-slow, right-hand, degree final corner, where the rider has to go from plus mph down to first gear. It should be noted that although the Suzuki is equipped with a slipper clutch, it still has plenty of engine braking, a feature that seems to be a decreasing trend within the sportbike industry. This helps in the few moments of on-off throttle transition at the track.

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For racers this statement will be all but irrelevant but for the normal humans among us, this helps the GSX-R be one of the best track day bikes on the market. The GSX-R has been around for a long time and it enjoys an unrivalled list of aftermarket accessories and performance parts to its credit.

If you are looking for one of the best all around motorcycles to be your daily driver, hit a few trackdays and drive your big-bore buddies crazy in the canyons, then the GSX-R might be the bike of choice.

However, if you'd like a little spice in your life, then the folks from Triumph have a bike you should take a look at. Cheers, the name's Triumph Daytona and frankly I could care less about your bloody rules. That was the type of brazen attitude which made the Daytona such a success when it burst on the scene as an all-new-model last year.