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If you would like to redeem your KAB credit, please log in. Learn more. Subcription rates. This paper reports a study of body height in the adult Jewish population of Israel, comparing native-born with immigrant groups. The sample tested included 1, men and women, all clinically healthy according to the of multiphasic screening. The phenomenon observed in other immigration-absorbing countries also holds for Israel: native Israelis are ificantly taller than their immigrant counterparts.

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Natural height of man. The stature of the Jews is a racial characteristic which has been thoroughly investigated in various countries. Besides numerous anthropological works, many of the recruiting-offices in eastern Europe have contributed considerable material on the subject.

The physical stature of jewish men in poland in the second half of the 19th century

Topinard considers the average stature of man to be cm. Judged by this standard, the Jews are below the mean height. As may be seen from the appended table No. In some places it is considerably higher, reaching cm. As will be noticed from the figures in Table 2, showing the average height of Jews as compared with that of the non-Jewish inhabitants in eastern Europe, the stature of the former corresponds to a great extent with that of their Gentile neighbors. Wherever the latter are tall, the Jews also are tall, and vice versa.

A comparison of the body height of the israeli-born and immigrants to israel

Thus in Galicia and Poland, where the indigenous Polish population is short of stature, measuring to cm. In Little Russia and South Russia, where the Gentiles are characterized by their superior height, measuring to cm. The same is true of the Jews in Rumania, Bukowina, etc.

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It is a ificant fact that while the stature of the Jews is in a measure correlative to the stature of the Gentile races among which they live, still they rarely reach the same height. With but two exceptions Rumania and Hungarythe Jews are everywhere from 1 to 3 cm.

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Thisshortness of stature has been cited by certain writers to prove that the Jews are an inferior race, which of course can not be seriously considered, because it is not known that superior stature necessarily goes hand in hand with superior physical and mental powers. The Japanese, for instance, are among the shortest of races—much shorter on the average than the Jews—yet, as is indicated by their recent and rapid progress, they are by no means an inferior or degenerate race.

Particularly in Poland, where the natives are of inferior stature, many Gentile publicists, while discussing the degeneracy of their people, have attempted to show that this deficiency is due to the presence of a large of Jews in that country whose low stature reduces the average. Measurements of conscripts were used in support of this view. On the other hand, it has been shown that the ages of conscripts are usually twenty and twenty-one, and Jews at these ages have not yet reached their full growth see Growth of the Bodyand that even then the Jews measure Measurements taken by Olechnowicz in the provincial government of Radom show that the Polish peasants are only It is characteristic of the stature of the Jews that the proportion of short individuals among them is larger than among the surrounding races and peoples, as may be seen from the appended table No.

It appears from this table that the proportion of persons less than cm. The percentage of these short individuals seems to run in almost direct ratio to the percentage found among the Gentiles in the same locality. In Galicia and in Russian Poland, where the proportion of Gentiles under cm.

On the other hand, in Little Russia, where such persons are found to the extent of only 14 per cent, and in Rumania, where it is only 12 per cent among the Gentiles, the Jews also show a lower percentage, namely, 24 and 18 respectively. Persons of tall stature, cm. Such persons are found to the extent of 10 per cent among the Galician Jews, but the percentage increases as it increases among the non-Jewish races in a given country, and is found to be 17 per cent among the Little-Russian Jews,and even 30 per cent among the Rumanian Jews.

From the observations of Talko-Hryncewicz, Otto Ammon, and Majer and Kopernicki, it appears also that this condition obtains in other countries. Measurements of only Jewesses are available, of which are of immigrant Jewesses in New York city, obtained by Fishberg. The following figures give the average height in centimeters according to nativity:. It appears from the figures in this table that the average stature of Jewesses differs according to their nativity. Like the Jews, the Jewesses are tall in countries where the women of the indigenous races are tall, and vice versa.

In Poland they measure only As a general rule, they are shorter by 1 to 3 cm. The difference in the stature of the Jews and Jewesses is about 12 cm. Short women measuring cm. Here again is to be noted the phenomenon observed with regard to the men: the proportion of tall individuals is in direct ratio to the proportion of such persons among the Gentile women.

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Among the Polish women there is only In Lithuania and White Russia, where the natives include more than 20 per cent of tall women, the Jewesess have The short stature of the Jews has been attributed to race influence. All the available evidence tends to show that the ancient Hebrews were short of stature, compared with the other races in Palestine, particularly the Amorites See Giants. This characteristic is said to have been hereditarily transmitted to the modern Jews. On the other hand, social factors must not be overlooked. The deplorable hygienic, material, and social conditions of the eastern European ghettos may be considered a factor in reducing the average stature of the Jews.

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Also as town-dwellers Jews are said to be at a disadvantage as regards their height; and it appears that the population of modern cities is inferior in stature to the rural population. The occupations in which Jews mostly engage are of the indoor or domestic variety; and this also has a great influence in reducing their average stature.

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From Fishberg's investigations of the Jews in the United States it appears that those working indoors are 4. It appears from these figures that the factor of occupation is not a negligible quantity in considering the average stature of the Jews. While the effect of race can hardly be underestimated in such problems, still adverse social and sanitary conditions have also a great influence in reducing the stature. The foregoing figures are confirmed by the observations of Weissenberg on the Jews in South Russia. He found that those who were in higher material and social circumstances were taller than their poorer coreligionists.

Jacobs, as mentioned above, records the same to be the case with the Jews in London, where those of the East End average only In Poland, Zakrzewski has shown that in Warsaw the stature of the Jews is less in the poorer districts, and considerably greater in the richer ones. The maps of that city prepared by that statistician reproduced by Ripley in his work "The Races of Europe" show in a striking manner how poverty goes hand in hand with shortness of stature. Others are inclined to attribute the differences in the stature of the Jews in various countries to inter-mixture with the native races.

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It is argued that while the influence of environment calls for serious consideration, still it has not been proved that the superior or inferior stature produced by favorable or unfavorable social conditions is perpetuated by hereditary transmission. This view is sustained by the fact that, although the social and economic conditions in Little and South Russia are not by any means better than those in Poland, still the Jews of the former countries are taller than their Polish brethren.

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In Bukowina, likewise, the average height of the Jews is superior to that of their Galician brethren, although the social and economic environment is in both cases about the same. All this is used as an argument by some anthropologists in support of their advocacy of the intermixture of Jews with Gentiles.

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Jewish immigrants to the United States are on the average taller than the coreligionists they have left behind them, as may be seen from the table giving the stature of the Jews. The average stature of 1, immigrant Jews in New York city was Fishberg as against an average of A subdivision into four classes presented the following :. It appears from these figures that Jews of short stature were found in Europe to reach The percentage of tall individuals cm.

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Persons of intermediate stature are found in about equal proportions in both groups. This phenomenon is attributed to a process of selection by emigration. Those who venture on a long journey to a distant land are usually superior physically to the average of the population from which they spring. It is not confined to the Jews. Gould has shown that the German, Irish, French, English, and other immigrants to the United States are as a rule taller than their fellow countrymen at home. Other countries to which immigration is extensive show the same phenomenon. By: Joseph JacobsMaurice Fishberg.

Table of Contents.

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Elkind, Evrei, in Publ. Society of Friends of Natural Science, etc. Anthropological Institute, xv. Majer and J. Ranke and N. Yakowenko, Materiali k Antropologii Evreev, St. Images of s. V P

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