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Exes that suddenly pop out of the woodworks after you finally moved on. In the three real relationships and multiple situationships I have been in, this phenomenon always held true. The moment I completely gave up on a hopeless relationship, the old boo showed back up.

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When it comes to the dating world, I strongly believe in two things: Where there is a will, there is a way and In the end, they always come back. Why do they always come back?

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They always come back. true?or false??

Is it true that they always come back? Doing so gives them power and makes them feel in control of their lives. They prefer to think poorly of their ex and start fresh with someone who they have no negative associations toward. It just so happens that the people closest to them are often their ex-partners who stayed with them until the end.

The reason impulsive exes come back, therefore, has very little to do with their exes and who they are as people.

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Exes who reach a tipping point are more often than not done for good. You just need to fall in love with yourself and spend time with those who appreciate you. Most dumpers come back just to leave pointless messages inspired by guilt, shame, and sadness nostalgia. Such dumpers usually reach out and appear very eager to converse, but as time goes on and they stop feeling dejected, they gradually distance themselves and show disinterest again.

They just want to use their dumpees to feel better about:. The time it takes a person to get over an exof course, varies for each person, but when dumpers suddenly contact their ex for selfish reasons, the reach-out usually hurts the dumpee very badly.

It tells the dumpee that his or her ex has come back and reminds the dumpee that there may be hope after all. Most dumpees just end up getting friend-zoned and eventually, witness their ex dating someone new. This is because the indefinite no contact rule gives them plenty of space and time to explore the world and process their emotions. The time away from dumpees essentially gives dumpers the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

Once that is no longer the case and they process the stages of the breakup for the dumperdumpers then revert to their old, non-relieved emotional state and easily become sad and depressed just like every other person. To sum it up, exes come back when you move on because they get in trouble and need someone emotionally strong to cling on to.

When they realize this, validation-deprived dumpers almost always swallow their pride and reach out.

They always come back but they don’t always come back to get back together

Sometimes although rarely dumpers also try to avoid giving their dumpee back the ificance he or she deserves. They say that the relationship deserves another chance and that they should get back together as soon as possible. On the contrary, they hold on to the power and the relationship without ever engaging in introspection that would help them figure out what went wrong in the relationship.

A lot less successful although occasionally successful have been those who kept their cool and communicated with their exes infrequently. As for those who used devious texting techniques and kept annoying their exes, they were the least successful as they smothered their exes and suffered immensely.

Sometimes exes come back out of guilt and shame—and fail to fall back in love with their ex. Such exes more often than not leave again because they stop feeling the emotions that brought them back.

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For exes to stay, they have to either:. They develop the will to stay and become afraid of breaking up. So if you want to know if exes who come back leave again, the truth is that they do. They had issues to overcome like all reconciled couples, but they managed to improve individually and create strong emotional bonds.

I hope that this article has corrected a misconception that exes always regret breaking up and that they always come back when you move on. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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Hi Zan, The last time I met my ex was in Februaryshe told me that she cannot be more than friends. I asked her if something is bothering her then let me know.

They always come back (and here are all the reasons why)

Just breaking up without providing any reason is hurtful to me. She said that she will meet me again next week and then tell me everything but then she never texted again. I remained true to my words and walked away and practiced no contact. Though we stayed Friends on snapchat but from there too she had hidden her stories from me. In December when it was my birthday she blocked me from Snapchat right after my birthday started even when we were not talking.

I kept practicing no contact. She also said that she will never be able to tell me that what happened actually. Then she asked about me and my family and after that she blocked me again. It renewed my pain. My mind is just unable to understand what all of this was about. I feel that all of my progress has been lost.

Some words of advice may be or what it was all about. I think the only thing is my ego is still bruised that she never did. I forwarded a credit card invoice to her at about the 1 year mark. I was tired of going to the post office and paying to mail stuff to her, so I just scanned and ed.

Thank you for your article. My dumpers has been back and left again after two months. I have notice during 2 months he has been really moody and somehow avoding to connect emotionally. I sensed something wrong and confront him but he refused to talk about what was wrong so i left it at that. I just made this mistake! And it really hurts. She even told me about the guy she met and all that and now, nothing changes.

She still told me to go my way.

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I hope I get back on my track again without repeating the mistake. Thanks Zan. Odd how after being dumped I held on to that which left me mentally, emotionally and physically in a puddle of depression and despair, yet with an air of hope she would return.

They always come back

Such is the travesty of love gone off the rails, the muddling through of time and the conflicted thoughts of tomorrow as life without her would never be the same. Zan, as a reader of your helpful website, after reading this post, I want to feedback to you that you need to consider the tone of some of your posts such as this one which imply that dumpees must have done something wrong. Some of your posts are getting very pro-dumpers. I think about their health so much I always share my discoveries and tell the truth even if it hurts them.

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Most people are simply too damaged to grow unfortunately. Hanky you for article and talking real stuff here! We all need to swallow that hard truth and swallowed up mine after some months, thanks to your help the most! She drove past me this morning, think she saw me but no wave or toot of the horn. My heart was pounding! This latest article is the sort of thing I need to absorb! I strongly suggest that you try to stay busy so that you can reduce the time you spend thinking about her. The more you do it and the more time goes by, the easier it will get.

Hello Zan! This article was a bit out of line from your ones about the precentage of exes that come back. I would like to remember that you earlier presented statistics that the majority of exes comes back over the years, how come this has changed?

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This post makes me very uncomfortable and contradicts so many other posts on this website. The articles today are well-researched and much more accurate as I see constantly learn something new. Fellow dumpees, especially newly dumped ones.

Please trust Zans advice, it may be harder to swallow than that of a friends advice, but it will do you much better. If your ex is to come back, some things must be there, even in the smallest amount: respect, Love, admiration and trust. You dont have to be in a relationship, being single is just fine. And if you believe they are the one for you, a soulmate then let them have the freedom of a life of their own, for better or worse.