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Two white faced budgiesone violet, the other blue for sale see photos.

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The Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatusir also referred to as a Common Pet Parakeet or Shell Parakeet and informally nicknamed the budgie, is a small, long-tailed, seed-eating parrot. Budgerigars are the only species in the Australian genus Melopsittacusand are found wild throughout the drier parts of Australia where the species has survived harsh inland conditions for the last five million years.

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Parakeets make great beginner pets, one because of the price but also because of the size. When getting a parakeet as a pet, make sure that you get a hand fed bird, hand feeding the baby parakeets will help to ensure that they are great pet quality birds.


Not all hand fed parakeets make good pets but it will help. It is very annoying to purchase a parakeet at a pet store only to have the parakeet to fly away from humans and bite. Parakeets, Melopsittacus undulates, are found on the mainland of the Australian Continent and a feral populations in Florida.

They are a parrot of many names such as budgerigar, budgerygah, betcherrgah, shell parrot, canary parrot, undulated parrot, scalloped parrot, zebra parrot, lovebird, warbling grass-parrot or grass-parakeet. They are found in open arid and semiarid areas.

Budgie and cage and seed and vitamins

Parakeets can also be found on farmlands and parks. They can be found in large flocks of or more birds, sometimes in the thousands, which will be noisy when leaving or returning to their night roost.

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Feeding occurs most in the morning and late afternoon but will feed continuous throughout the day in cooler weather. The natural diet consist of seeds, grains, fruits, berries, vegetation and insects. A water source is never too far for them to drink from.

In the wild, parakeets will breed after heavy rains that will increase the available food sources.

Parakeet bird

Parakeets are old enough to breed at 6 months old. The males have bright blue ceres, nasal area, and the females have light blue or brown ceres.

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They nest in tree cavities and will have a clutch size of about eggs. The female does all the incubating and the eggs will hatch at days. The chicks will leave the nest at about 4 weeks old and the parents will still care for them for another week. Parakeet's lifespan in the wild is 3 to 6 years.

Baby parakeets for sale

Parakeet Bird Parakeets do make great pets. They are very social in the wild and will seek out their owner for attention. Parakeets can mimic sounds.

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They are very readily trainable with the patients and time of the trainer. You can find them in a wide variety of whites, blues, greens, pastels and many more in the pet trade. In captivity, a parakeet can live years. The caging size that is best for a parakeet is the largest that you can afford and have space for as it is with any pet that you may own. This gives enough room for them to open their wings and move around a bit. If larger, the bird can injure itself by trying to get out.

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The different perching diameter is for the health of their feet to prevent sores on the bottom of their feet. Toys are essential for any parrot. They naturally in the wild will spend many hours foraging for their food. Play and chewing with toys will help them focus their energy on playing than with behavior issues like feather plucking. When purchasing toys, look over the toy and make sure that there is no risk of your bird getting a foot or beak stuck on any part of the toy or that there are not parts that can get tangled around your bird.

Also you want to purchase a toy that is made for parakeet sized birds. The diet of a parakeet in captivity is easy to maintain with all the complete commercial diets available at the pet stores.

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The best diet is a base of pellets with fresh fruits and greens. Some fruits and greens can be toxic to your bird so do your research before feeding any fruits and greens.

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Also adding a small amount of seed each day or use as a treat. Always make sure clean fresh water is provided at all times for your pet cockatiel. With all of these unknowns it is hard to put a definitive price on a parakeet. When purchasing a parakeet as a pet you do want to make sure that you are purchasing a pet quality, hand raised parakeet. This will produce the best for keeping the bird manageable and friendly. Unlike most species of birds, you can sex parakeets by their colors. Adult male parakeets will have a distinct purple type color around their cere.

The cere is the area above the beak of the bird between the beak and the eyes. Adult female parakeets will have a brownish cere.

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Younger male parakeets will have a pink or light purple cere. Younger female parakeets will have a pink cere also, which makes sexign difficult. After 4 months, the cere will change into a white cere with different levels of blue dependign on the parakeet. This will continue until around 8 months when both male and female parakeets will turn into their adult colors and the female will change into a brownish cere.

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Submit Birds for Sale. Submit Bird Equipment for Sale. Birds for Sale.

Albino parakeet – melopsittacus undulatus

Bird Equipment for Sale. Parakeets for sale. Moustache Parakeets can make great companions to both beginner bird owners or those who have more bird experience.

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They can be fantastic talkers if you work with them, but more importantly, they are very social and affectionate. Moustache Parakeets are a great size, they are very playful and they enjoy being out of the cage and with their human companion. At Parrot Stars we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. We work very hard to help educate our customers on parrot companionship. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones and much more.

No question will go unanswered. Every hand fed baby is weaned on to a high variety diet.

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They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in store, high variety seed that we also make here in store, and naturally colored pellet. If you have questions regarding this baby, or any others that we have available, please give us a call! Feel free to follow us on Facebook parrotstars for more pictures, videos and information. Babies have been handfed since 2 weeks of age.

They are being weaned on a mix of parakeet seed, Zupreem pellets and Hagen Tropimix.

African ringneck

Chop is also being offered daily. Perfect babies for first time bird owners or those that just want a sweet little companion. They are comical, very playful little chatterboxes, but not loud so could be kept in an apartment. Additional pictures and references are available upon request. For fastest response text African ringnecks to trade. One proven pair and two adult males.

Want to trade for Adult male Indian ringnecks any color except green. Most are breeders and will offer discounts on groups or entire collection. Now accepting deposit. These babies are adorable and hand-fed by me at 3 weeks old, through weaning. This clutch is on four hand feedings a day, and should be weaned in months. The parents are unrelated and disease tested.

I have three generations of Goldens and have carefully documented their lineage.

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If you like to reserve the baby, please inquire for more information. We offer pick up at the store in Stroudsburg PA